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When writing this article, my mood is very carefree, why? Because this problem has been bothering me for nearly 1 weeks! At first, I tested the local, I built a site with Dedecms, and then at the top of the site to navigate the site to add a blog, want to use the world famous WordPress, Everything went smoothly from installation to use to template selection, but there was a problem with the use of the space mainframe. Listen to me for a slow analysis.

1, page access display 403 status code

403 means that there is no permission to browse and execute the page under the directory, when you install WordPress under the CMS, the interface is normal, you can configure the site, you can modify the template, but when you exit the account, re-enter the blog (wordpress corresponding site) will find that there are 403. When I saw 403, I looked at the permissions of the file for the first time and changed it all to 777, and the result was completely useless. I tried to add index.php after the URL, found that can enter the site, but the site does not apply template, also can not enter the background, the search for a large number of information and posts, basic useless. It was later found that only server configuration issues. I looked at the Apache configuration file httpd.conf under the server and found it inside

Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All
Order Deny,allow
Deny from all
Satisfy All

Change the deny from all to allow from all. But the problem is still not resolved, but increased the site's security risks. So, you can only change the allow back to deny. We are looking for the code inside the quote "# Possible values for the Options directive are ' None '," All ", you will find a large string with the # annotated, and then modify the first line of code, XXX for you to build the blog path, lift Examples, such as your site root URL in/www/public/domain, you need to modify the address for/www/public/domain/blog (because it is a directory blog, rather than the two-level domain name of the independent blog, specifically why build a directory blog, please own Baidu). After you restart the Apache service, you will find that you can enter the blog, but will show the index of the blog ..., this is the second difficulty.

2, page access appears index of blog ...

The Web page does not display results, only the directory structure of the site, what is the reason? The original is because in the root directory of WP (blog directory) did not build. htaccess (web site configuration file, such as URL standardization, 301 jump, etc.), write the following code in the. htaccess file:

DirectoryIndex index.php index.html
# BEGIN WordPress
<ifmodule mod_rewrite.c>
Rewriteengine on
Rewriterule. /index.php [L]
# End WordPress

The first line is the default home page suffix of. php and. html, which rewrite the rules, when you visit the blog again, OK, success!

The above two problems common people have met really do not know, unless it is very professional people, because the people encountered too little, the general build station people will not use two sets of CMS, build a master station, build a blog.


To practice the truth, this sentence is really true! There is no actual operation, not to try, everything is taken for granted, especially the Internet industry, it is useless to think.

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