How to import and export a database from PL/SQL Developer

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PL/SQL Developer is the main tool used to import or export databases in Oracle databases. This article mainly introduces the process of using PL/SQL Developer to import and export databases, some precautions for import or export are described. Next we will introduce them one by one.

Export Steps:
1 tools-> export user object selection option to export the. SQL file.
2 tools-> export tables-> Oracle Export select to export the. dmp file.
Import steps:
Note: It is best to delete the previous tables before import, except for importing other databases.
1 tools-> import tables-> SQL Inserts import. SQL file.
2 tools-> import talbes-> Oracle Import and then import the dmp file.
Tools-> Export User Objects exports table creation statements (including storage structures ).
Tools-> Export Tables contains three Export methods:
• Oracle Export
• SQL Insert
• Pl/SQL developer

FirstIt is the file format exported as. dmp. The. dmp file is binary and can be cross-platform and contain permissions, which is very efficient and widely used.
SecondIt is exported as a. SQL file and can be viewed in a text editor. It is more universal, but less efficient than the first one. It is suitable for importing and exporting small data volumes. Note that there cannot be large fields (blob, clob, long) in the table. If so, the system will prompt that the data cannot be exported (the prompt is as follows: table contains one or more LONG columns cannot export in SQL format, user Pl/SQL developer format instead ).
ThirdIt is exported to the. PVDF format. The. PVDF format is the file format of Pl/SQL developer. It can only be imported and exported by Pl/SQL developer, and cannot be viewed in the editor.

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