How to import data from Notepad in Excel

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Open Excel 2003 (steps: "Start"-"Programs"-"Microsoft Office 2003"-"Excel 2003"; or if you have a shortcut on your desktop, double-click it to open it.

Click on the "Data" menu, select "Select External Data" to open the "Import Data" dialog box.

Locate the location where the text file data is stored, select (as shown in "Release failure Table"), and click the Open button below. The Text Import Wizard pops up with several options, if the original data has a fixed separator in the most appropriate file types to select the "separator symbol", if the data width of each column is consistent, you can choose "Fixed width", and then select the start of the file import line and file of the original format, see the preview there is no garbled, If there are garbled words to explain the automatic identification of Excel data is not the format you need, please choose the other original format, we can generally choose the "Simplified Chinese (GB-2312)", and then click the "Next" button below;

Step 2 of the wizard, select the separator symbol type, based on the characteristics of the text to choose from, here I select the "comma", click on the data Preview area will automatically show the breakdown of your data. If there is no problem, please click "Next";

In step 3 of the wizard, set the data type for each column after the import, click each column of data in the data preview area, and then select the data format type in the data column style. Choose according to the format you want, special note: Phone number, ID number, etc. must choose text Format, or the data will be imported after the error. After the column is set, click Finish.

The Data Drop Location dialog box pops up, usually by default, and click OK. The data is imported into Excel!

Attention matters

1, the data should have the law, Excel is according to the law to identify.

2, each column of data format to be set one by one. In particular, long numbers (such as telephone, ID number), be sure to set the text format.

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