How to import the endnote document database to jabref

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How to import the endnote document database to jabref
September 3, 2010

Maybe you are as tired of pirated endnotes as you are (although I admit that there are not many "you"). If you want to try out open-source and cross-platform jabref, you have a bunch of endnotes in the past.
Or the boss sends you an endnote library. Is there a way to import it to jabref? Of course!
Let's talk about the principle first. What we need to do is actually to convert the endnote library into a database, because jabref recognizes the required information. (Note: If you download the paper from the Internet and reference it, you can simply select the download format as ". I am talking about how to convert the previous database.
Now, I will teach you how to operate it:
(1) from the official website
Download jabref. This is a Java program. You only need to open it in Java. (If you can't do this, ask the brothers and sisters next to you. Someone knows it. :))
(2) select option> preference and set the Display language to "simplified Chinese". (Of course, if your English is strong enough, you can leave it unselected! Next, follow the Chinese instructions) and select the default encoding "utf8 ". (In Linux, it is very important that Chinese characters can be correctly displayed.
Next, it is very important. Please take a closer look ~~
(3) Select tool> unbind the endnote filter set. A dialog box is displayed, as shown in.

At first, many people, including myself, will misunderstand that this is an endnote.
Library file (*. ENL ). Actually not. This is because jabref will automatically generate a zip compressed file. It contains some plug-ins and can be used for endnote.
Endnote can use these plug-ins to export the database to an optional format, so that jabref can recognize them!
In this case, you can select a directory for saving the file, enter a file name with the zip extension, and select "File Format" *. ZIP: Click Save. a zip file is generated under the directory you selected, as shown in.

However, I did not respond to a similar operation using jabref of version 2.6. This should be a program bug. As a result, I can operate normally after I use version 2.5. If you're lucky enough to still be unable to generate a file using the 2.5 version of jabref, click here to download:

(4) decompress the ZIP file and copy the export to jabref. ens and the export to jabref2.ens files to the styles directory in the endnote installation directory.

Why? Isn't endnote installation required? But what should I do if I cannot install endnote on Ubuntu? It doesn't matter. It's a great deal. You can also borrow other
The system's computer can either install endnote in the virtual machine, or you can even install endnote in wine. It doesn't matter. Now we use endnote to convert it.
After the previous database is complete, you can unmount it boldly.
(5) use the endnote software to open the database to be converted (generally in the ENL format) and select File> export. A dialog box is displayed, select select another style...
In this case, a choose a Style dialog box will pop up, which contains N multiple formats (if endnote is installed in wine like me, it will be very slow to open this dialog box, please be patient ), be sure to select
. Click "choose" to return to the original dialog box. Do not change the "file name" and "file type" columns. Click "save" to generate a TXT text document with the same name as the original endnote library file.

(6) Open the generated TXT file and add the following text to the last line: This file was created
With jabref 2.6. encoding:
UTF-8 (although I do not know whether this statement affects normal operations or better), and then change the file extension to bib for later reading after jabref. At this point, a database file is complete.
(7) Open jabref, select File> import new database, and import the created bib file. A warning dialog box is displayed, prompting you that the key is blank.
. Ignore it and close the warning box. Now you will find that all documents have been successfully imported into jabref.

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