How to Improve feng shui leads the best way to move the sofa to the living room

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How feng shui improves leadership

In the workplace, people who want to become leaders one day are willing to do so. How can we improve leadership? Here, from the perspective of feng shui, we will help you develop your career, career, and career. How can we effectively promote your leadership? We will be the first in 2014!

Someone may immediately think that the feng shui of the leadership should be used in offices, companies, and other places. This is not unreasonable, but the office is more like making a post on the results, the home is the cause of a person's overall operation. The following describes the characteristics of leading activities in the home environment.

I. Highlights of the living room title

In feng shui, the living room represents the breadth of the career, so the general living room represents the size of the career that is expected to expand outward. However, according to the theory of yin and yang in Zhouyi, there are also Yin and Yang in the living room. The main type is Yang, the customer is Yin, And the Yang is Yi Xian and Yin is Yi Yin. This is the theory of yin and yang balance. As a result, the main position in the living room is highlighted to show your ability to control your career development. What is the title of the living room? That is, the focal point of the living room, just like the stage of the theater. How to highlight the main position in the living room? For example, you can use paintings, artifacts, and other things that suit your needs.

Ii. Essentials of sofa feng shui
Living room sofa space can be used as an extension of the subject-object relationship in the field of career expansion. The proper location of the subject and object on the sofa implies that you can seize the lead, grasp the lead, and be able to handle relationships with customers, partners, and opponents in your real life career. The layout of the living room and Sofa space generally needs to be grasped as follows:

1. The sofa is most suitable for the living room.

2. The sofa is the best way to welcome the guests.

3. the center of gravity of the sofa layout should be left, because the left side is Dragon, the main side is to wait.

4. The sofa should depend on the coffee table and other guards.
3. layout of Northwest China

In the home wind and water science, we attach great importance to the northwest position of the home, because the Northwest is the hexagrams in Zhouyi gossip, representing heaven, authority, position, and popularity. As a result, the Northwest position of the home is the most taboo, because it is closely related to the influence of your career. However, because most of the current homes are finished products purchased, it is not up to you to determine whether the home is unavailable in the north and west. What should I do if your home is unfortunately located in the north and west? We recommend that you place a mascots (white and golden) on the height of the northwest of your home to make up for it. For example, it indicates that the gold seal ziyin of the grand master can promote the prosperous business operation.

4. Study Location Selection

The study represents talent, talent, wisdom, and strength in the home feng shui study, so the layout of the study is also very important. Otherwise, this implies that even your career fame is often "under the name of fame, it is really difficult ". Here, according to the principles of home feng shui, the study is most suitable to be arranged in the home of the four directions, one is the northwest, that is, the implication of the meaning of the martial arts; the other is the Southeast, that is, the implication of talented; the third is the positive south, that is, the meaning of both fame and profit, and the fourth is the orientation of God in your birthdate, that is, the meaning of your mind.

5. Feng Shui On desks

The desk mentioned here includes the study desk at home and the office desk. The feng shui at the desk is directly related to the success or failure of your career. Generally speaking, the use of desk feng shui to induce your leadership potential is roughly paid attention to the following aspects: first, the desk must be placed on the virtual reality, wide front; second, there must be inspirational paintings or related item ornaments that match your numerology on the back of the Desk; third, there must be a computer on the book desk; four is the left hand part of the book table should have a telephone landline; five is the desk or office around the decoration must guard desk; six is the doors and windows, lamps, aisles and other do not rush to the desk.


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