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Based on our experience, how can we improve this article?Google adsenseClick rate.


Next, we will place advertisements. This is very important. A good position will increase your adsense click rate a lot. We still need to analyze the visitor's situation and continue to use my website as an example.

Because my website is an online game, visitors usually stay for a long time and focus on it. Therefore, we should place the advertisement near the content, and the closer we get, the better, for this reason, I chose the "envelope" method. These three advertisements are used to enclose the content of the article so that it can attract visitors to the maximum extent.

Step B

After you know your visitor situation, you need to place the corresponding advertisement based on the situation. For details, take my website as an example.

Because visitors are younger and curious about new things, they are suitable for serving Image advertisements. Text connections are not attractive to them, so I put two 250*250 rectangular adsense ads and a 468*60 banners adsense advertising. then we have to select the keywords. The first key word must be the game. There is no doubt, so I chose one of the key words of the rectangular advertisement and the bar advertisement as the game, the second keyword still needs to be analyzed from the visitor's interest. You must always understand that no one will be willing to click the advertisement. Only one thing he wants will he click, considering children's interests, I set my second keyword to anime.

Step c

You must be clear about the positioning of your website. That is to say, you must be clear about the visitor status of your website. There are many boys and girls, how are you age, how are you spending, and what kind of things do you want to shop, in order to understand the actual situation, you may wish to make a small investigation. taking my own example, my website is a personal blog about online Flash games, with a daily access volume of around IP addresses. It is generally younger than 15 years old and has more boys than girls, visitors are less competent to identify advertisements and have a strong curiosity about novelty, but the purchasing power is generally low.

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