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Installing external templates

Templates are stored in the form of files. So, if you find some Word templates on the Web or on a CD, just copy them to the c:documents and Settingsadministratorapplication datamicrosofttemplates folder ( Windows 2000/xp) or C:windowsapplication datamicrosofttemplates folder (Windows 9x/me).

Using read-only method to use multiple templates

You can also use read-only to create multiple templates: You can create several PPT files in a single folder, double-click them, and then open them in PowerPoint and set them up into multiple "templates." Then select them, right-click, choose Properties, and select the small hook before "read Only" in the Open Properties window to set multiple "template" files as read-only files. When you want to apply a template file in the future, just double-click it, and PowerPoint opens a copy file modelled on the currently selected template file, and as soon as you press the Ctrl+s key, PowerPoint pops up the Save dialog box to save the file, and the original template The contents of the file are not overwritten. It is very convenient to use this method to realize countless "templates" theoretically.

Save a presentation as a template

If you get a beautifully crafted presentation, you'll want to use this design in the future when you make your own presentation. Then you can save it as a template: Click file → new, in the New Presentation task pane, under new from existing presentation, click Select Presentation, select the presentation you want, and then click Create. Next, remove unwanted text, slides, or design objects from the new template, and then confirm the changes. Execute save As on the File menu after the modification is complete. In the File name box, type a name for the template. In the Save as type box, click Presentation Design template, and then click the Save button.

After you create a new template, the new template appears in alphabetical order for use in the Slide Design task pane The next time you open PowerPoint.

Change the default design for a new presentation

When you click the New button on the Standard toolbar, PowerPoint displays a design slide that uses the default. In fact, you can change the design so that it always includes some common elements so that you don't have to change the content every time you create a presentation, which makes it a lot easier: Click the New button on the Standard toolbar. Then select "View" → "Master" → "Slide Master". Next, you can make changes on the slide master. When you have finished making changes, on the Slide Master View toolbar, click Close Master view. Finally, select "File" → "Save As". In the Save as type box, select presentation design template; In the File name box, type blank, and then click Save. Closes the template.

Small Tips

It is important to note that if you want to use Blank.pot as the default design, you must save it in the default path of the Save As dialog box. You must also name the template "Blank.pot".

Quick use of other templates

PowerPoint allows you to use templates made by other people or to extract templates from other people's slides, apply to your slides: Open the presentation you want to change the template to, and then choose format → Slide design, where the Slide Design task pane appears on the right side of the main window. Then drag the scroll bar to the bottom and click Browse. You can then select the template file you want to borrow from the File selection dialog box that pops up pot or a ppt, pps file, or even select a Web page file to use as a template.

Apply multiple template layouts

PowerPoint fully supports the use of multiple templates in one presentation! This way, you don't have to worry about the monotony of the layout: first, open the slide you want to change the template, select format → slide design, and then a Slide Design task pane appears on the right side of the main window. Just move the mouse over the template you want to apply (don't worry about clicking the template), a downward arrow appears to the right of the template, click the arrow, and perform "Apply to Selected Slides" in the pop-up menu. In this way, the slide has a different template than the other pages.

Set the default template

If you change the default blank design template, you want to apply the original default design to your presentation again. You can do this by opening the presentation that you want to apply the default design to, clicking the Design button on the toolbar, and then clicking the first "Default Design Template" under "available for use". If you want to apply the original default design to all new presentations, you can rename the Blank.pot file or delete it.

Replace or add a slide template in PowerPoint

If you want to replace or add a slide master, you can choose view → master → slide master. Then click the Design button on the Slide Master View toolbar. If you want to replace the selected master in the presentation instead of all the Masters, then select the master in the thumbnail on the left. Then in the Slide Design task pane, point to the template you want, and click the arrow. Then, if you want to replace the selected master with the master of the new design template, click Replace selected design, or if you want to replace all the current masters with the master of the new design template, click Replace All Designs; To add a new design template and master to your presentation, click Add Design.

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