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What is APM value? APM is the number of operations per minute, also known as "hand speed" in StarCraft, Warcraft and DotA games in several competitions, to a certain extent reflects the level of players. The APM value of a great God that's not a rookie. In the PPT, there are similar statements, the following describes a technique, can improve the APM value, so as to the master advanced.

① first to say the gesture, we are likely to ignore this, that this does not matter, it is not. Just like typing, the right gesture, that's excellent. Thumb should be placed on ALT, save should first press ALT, then press 1. Because the ALT key usage is too high, all menu shortcuts start with the ALT key.

② again to say consciousness, as if I said very god, yes, consciousness is also important, menu commands never use the mouse point, only keyboard shortcuts to operate, the mouse is used for graphics operations, with SHIFT, CTRL, pinky to control Shift and CTRL, This requires your pinky to have a certain amount of flexibility and strength, which requires practice. This is a basic guarantee for high APM. Then rely on the same consciousness as God to achieve the state of human-machine unity.

The magical use of ③alt key, many of us will ignore this button, think not much useful, you are wrong. Pressing the ALT key in each version of the PPT shows the shortcut key, as shown in the following figure.

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