How to improve the quality of life

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You don't know how good you can be.


The future may be a programmer, can not subvert the image of the programmer in the eyes of ordinary people.

I think as a programmer, holding a high salary, why will give people the impression is dirty, said dirty, I love clean, although usually also very lazy people, but I will take care of themselves, at least look at the mirror in the self, feel the right of their own aesthetic.

Programmer's work is really hard, if the love of the industry, the beating code is not really how painful things, usually more activities, drink more water. Boss should not be so ruthless, let people fixed in a place to work all day.

You may work overtime or something, so stay where you are not too far from the company. It's better to walk in more than 10 minutes. Walking is also a good way to exercise. Overtime words habit is good, if for love game of friend words may be more uncomfortable, with what other people do not have to work overtime at night and I have to work overtime, but for not like to play games, in the company work overtime and at home reading also no difference, I think the programmer to avoid repeatedly knocking the same code, If you can learn something new when you work overtime, it is not a bad thing to work overtime, if you knock all the things you used before, you will not stick it too long. So I usually create some "wheels" in private.

Programmer's Weekend I don't know if I have to go back to work. Generally, it should be nine to five and a weekend break. I can't be sorry for my ability. Overtime or have to have, in case there is salary.

On weekends If you can take an apple notebook and find a place to enjoy the things you love to do, the work of a week of exhaustion will be swept away. I do what I want to do on the weekends. I don't care how much my thoughts change, as long as I feel that this is a meaningful thing.

The salary of the programmer should be compared to let other people of the industry envy, if our normal life can self a little, optimistic a little, enjoy a little, is not can hit those who think the programmer bitter force of person's face. Oh oh ...

As a good programmer, you need to improve your quality of life.

How to improve the quality of life

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