How to improve the user experience in 4 aspects?

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What is the user experience that has been invisible for a long time? How do you know how to change it? Today, the demon brother Tencent game from 4 aspects, the user experience visualization, help students have a way to improve the user experience, rather than by feeling, to learn.

Remember that beginners design often heard such a sentence, design is not only to make a very aesthetic body, more importantly, it is the practical value behind-the so-called design of practicality. In the Internet, this practicality is more embodied in the user experience. The visual expression of beauty is the first impression, and the experience is the soul. With the growing of mobile interconnection, the user experience becomes more and more important. At the same time, many people think that the cool operation experience or some novel presentation is a good user experience. We do not say whether this kind of understanding is comprehensive, even correct or not, then the problem has already come, we will discuss these two problems together from the following aspects.

  1. Content Guide

Content guidance is one of the most important components of a site, and the most representative guide is navigation. A clear navigation, like a catalog of readings, provides the most direct help for reading and finding content. Navigation content to brief, accurate, clear, quick to guide the user to reach the target location. Do not multiply careless clutter, but the minimalist is not necessarily good.

  2. Content integration and carding

In this regard, almost all sites have their own content to be tailored to comb, but precisely because of this, the user experience challenges arise. A small experience to optimize the details, you can make the site in similar sites stand out. Here are a few details to determine the success or failure of chestnuts.

Content Module Boot

Quick Boot Pendant

Functional right Column

 3. The value behind "Guess what you Like"

We know a new friend, after contact everyone will produce an impression on each other, shallow to know his name, convenient to greet next time, more contact will slowly have a deeper understanding of each other, such as hobbies, backgrounds and so on. Browsing a website is the same, and now almost all the sites are trying to get the user information to do analysis and for the push, but have not thought about what we give users feedback what he wants to get. Blindly ask for no feedback, then this relationship will not last long. Why should this title, and also this meaning, "guess you like" feeling is just a content push module, but behind a lot of user analysis research, and feedback to the user's feeling is his site after browsing the sense of existence, all the times and users to maintain interaction, is the highest level of user experience. "

 4. Some convenient function plug-ins

The basic user experience is important, but in the face of the increasingly severe Internet market and increasingly sophisticated user groups, if not one of their own symbols to let users remember, it will slowly be submerged in the Internet tide. And there are many kinds of memory symbols, brand sense, Brand color and other visual aspects, there is a unique experience is also the best memory chips.

See this everyone should be confident to blurt out their site--qq music and shrimp music. Yes, for a lot of Web user enthusiasts, clients of these software are immune to them; for some internet users, they are a lot of complicated operation is a fear, coupled with the client now loaded with a lot of forced installation of the rogue Plug-ins, but also in the user's mind produced a bad impression. So it's hard for users to put their guard down and download some software on their computers. They prefer a fast, convenient and safe experience. And such experience can let the user remove all uneasy psychology, slowly make the user accept, produce dependence. Once the user has a good impression of the product, they will also consider downloading the client for later convenience.


In fact, the process of user experience is to understand the user-solve the problem-build relationships-marketing products. How to let the user satisfaction, we in addition to gorgeous packaging, smooth operation, the perfect guide to the user experience is also a crucial link. This is also the biggest problem we have to overcome now. And we have been fighting for this silently.

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