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How to choose a good store on the Internet is a major problem of online shopping. This problem has never been solved. Now, it is also possible to improve this problem in the future, however, we can still find out about the product quality of the store in various aspects.

For online shopping, we all choose other B2B and B2C shopping websites such as Taobao, Pat, Dangdang, and mccailin. Because Taobao and Pat platforms are personal stores, there is no 100% guarantee of integrity. Today, Taobao and Pat on these personal stores are not under those companies, so it is very important to learn how to distinguish them.

The store with good reputation is considered as good by mistake. In fact, reputation and evaluation are good measures for stores. However, as this is a standard for measuring stores, reputation scalping has emerged. Some of them rely on the credibility they have accumulated, and some of them can be flushed out after spending some money. These are all possible. In 2008, Ai Yu-Zhen investigated that the store account for more than 43% of its reputation. In 2007, the trend of reputation scalping increased by 30 degrees, and in 2009, it entered a period of high drought. At that time, the team that specializes in credit scalping earned a bid. Taobao and Pat have been noticed, so many shops have been blocked. Taobao and Pat have been improved since then, and they have been greatly improved before the second half of 2009. However, it cannot be ruled out that the major platforms have not been able to solve this problem well. Therefore, it is not advisable to use reputation and evaluation to measure the store.

Will a good reputation be cool and big-name? This is a common phenomenon. Are the officers on duty all clear officials? Good reputation, bad customer service attitude, no matter the quality of goods, after-sales service is not so kind. It cannot be said that Taobao and the shops with good reputation on Pat are like this. Most of them are good, but they cannot be ruled out. Although there is no data, such shops certainly exist. The stores with good reputation and praise all have real buyers. These ratings have a good reference effect. Taobao cannot solve the disadvantages of reputation scalping, but it still cannot be fully measured. This is just a reference. There are other solutions to continue.

Poor reputation is not optimistic, but the new store is no worse than the old one if you really want to do well and do the real details. For example, if you want to do one thing well and need the help of a friend, you will be nice to your friend and close him. After you finish this operation, you may occasionally say hello to this friend, drink tea, and so on .. In the same way, the new store should do well, and he will work very hard to do a good job in all aspects. At least new stores do not need to be flushed into a trusted store.

Store description, after-sales service, etc. Are these instructions clear? If a store fails to write them well, you can't give or provide detailed instructions on common problems at ordinary times. Can you purchase them with peace of mind? This is also important because it is related to after-sales services and so on. Don't care about the large amount of content. Clearly speaking, you are responsible for the buyer.

How to solve the problem.

Store reputation, good rating, we have another reference point: customer service.

I. Look for buyers. There is buyer information in the transaction record. Contact them for related questions. Of course, this method is not advisable. (For sellers, they can become good friends, because this will be your potential customer. They are familiar with online shopping. If you read the article, if you are a seller, there is no need to describe the seller's content when explaining how to select a store .)

2. Communication is an overbearing measure. If the evaluation and reputation are really good, ask the shopkeeper to know. Someone may ask a silly question, who will tell you that your credibility is flushed out? Who will tell you that my service is not good? This is true, but 100% of the people who use the method will tell you the truth. Now let's talk about the method, find a buyer account through the transaction record, and then contact the shopkeeper, saying: "I have found the buyer account ", how can I wear a single day for the last purchased item? See how customer service is done for you. In this way, we can know the service and attitude of a store. If you ask after-sales questions, you can find out if you have left you alone. If you want to know the problem, you can ask it from another angle or even be excited. If the credibility and praise are true, and he insists on doing so now, his customer service will certainly not be bad. If he is lazy and has a big name, the store's reputation and evaluation are worth your doubt. Similarly, if you have a poor reputation, you can see how good he can be. At this time, after all, he has no experience. If you want to do well, there will be situations where your emotions cannot be controlled, and there will also be poor services, I have no experience with the issue of delivery and so on.

Method 2 cannot be omnipotent, but it is a big way to measure the store. Credit is good, customer service is not good, can you ensure that his products and after-sales services are good? Font people, such as their stores. You can also point out other shortcomings with good reputation and the disadvantages and advantages of the new store. Buyers can rest assured that they can point out all advantages and are sure not to hide them.

After doing well, the word-of-mouth will naturally come out, and the reputation of the image cannot be good.

New store sellers post such a post in the shop communication area and add each item description to the conspicuous one: there are some methods to select shops and products in the communication area. Please read the shop introduction before buying, this is a result of being responsible to the buyer. The buyer will pay attention to this and reflect it directly, so that the buyer can buy with confidence.

On the basis of doing a good job, you need to publicize how to let the buyer know that you have done well. Propaganda is a very confusing process and a process that must be adhered. Share it slowly...

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