How to increase the iPhone Home key response speed and Home key response speed

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How can I increase the response speed of the iPhone7 Plus Home key? The following small series will introduce you.

The most likely difference in response speed lies in the setting. By disabling the general-Auxiliary functions-Auxiliary function shortcut key setting, the response speed of the Home key is greatly improved.

So what are the shortcut keys for auxiliary functions? This feature enables VoiceOver, color reversal, color filter, white point reduction, scaling, switching control, and AssistiveTouch functions on three consecutive Home buttons. In fact, the above functions are not commonly used.

After the shortcut key of the auxiliary function is enabled, every time you press the Home key, the system will set aside a response time to identify whether the operator will continue to press the Home key to trigger the corresponding function, this causes the response speed of the Home key to be slower than when the function is disabled.

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