How to increase the number of undo in PPT2010

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A beautiful ppt, the process of making will inevitably be more steps, often in order to achieve an effect may have to test many times. In the process of revocation may be due to the operation of too many steps leading to the revocation is not very troublesome? In fact, as long as the increase in PPT in the number of undo can avoid such things happen.

In the Tools-options-Edit can limit the maximum setting of 150, exceed this value, save the settings will automatically become 150, if you want to exceed this limit, when the document is closed, do not save, then you will cancel the number of times you operate. In general, the operation of a few steps on the F5 test, there are problems immediately changed, undo the number of times is not used.

Here is how to increase the number of undo:

1. Switch to the File tab and click Options in the Drop-down panel.

2, in the Pop-up PowerPoint Options dialog box, switch to the Advanced tab, in the "Edit Options" column will be the maximum number of canceled operands to "50", of course, this value can be set according to their own needs, the upper limit is "150". When you have finished setting, click OK. Then you can undo the 50 steps.

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