How to input Hanyu Pinyin tone in computer?

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How to input Hanyu Pinyin tone in computer?

Method One:

1. You can create a new Word document, click Open, switch the main interface to the "Insert" column, and find the "symbol" setting under this column.

2, click on "symbol", in the Drop-down option appears to select "Other symbols", you can appear the following selection interface

3, in the appearance of the selection interface, can be based on the "subset" option, but also through the right side of the Drop-down items to find the phonetic tones you need

Method Two:

1, click Sogou Small icon, right button, find "soft keyboard", in the soft keyboard Drop-down directory, find "5 pinyin"

2, click the "Pinyin" option, you can appear marked with a variety of phonetic tones of the soft keyboard, you can enter the soft keyboard you need the phonetic tone

3, if you want to close the "soft keyboard", just in the original Sogou Input method icon, right button, "soft keyboard" Drop-down directory, select "Close Soft keyboard"

Method Three:

1, this method shows the Chinese plus pinyin, and the above two methods show slightly different. Also open the Word document, enter the Chinese character you want to add pinyin to the document, and then switch the main interface to the "Start" section.

2, in the "Beginning" of the column, in the "Font" settings, select the "Phonetic Guide" option, click this option

3, will appear the following interface, which appears in the interface of "reference text" that is, you enter the need to set phonetic Chinese characters; and "Phonetic Alphabet" is the pinyin of your Chinese character.

4, in just the bottom of the interface, is "Preview", you can see the "Preview" in the blank space after the setting of the effect chart

5, click "OK", you can see in the document you entered the Chinese characters and its pinyin, this way to show more complete, not just pinyin

6, if it is more than one Chinese character, the use of this method can also be all the pinyin, such as the input "we", the following figure is a small part of the effect of a good picture

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