How to insert a video in PPT

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How do i insert a video?

Maybe a lot of people know how to insert it.

In version 03, click on the "Insert"-"movie and Sound"-"movie in the File" in the menu bar, and then look for the material and finally make sure.

07 and above, the operation is basically the same in the menu bar click on the "Insert"-"video"-"Video in the file", and then look up the material, the final determination on it.

Note that versions 03 and 07 Pop Up a dialog box after the video is added, ask to play the movie automatically when you show the slide, click "Auto" to play automatically when you show it to this page, and click "When clicked" to play the movie when you click on the video, and you can select it on demand. Changes need to be modified in the Custom Animation panel.

10 above version does not have this dialog box, after clicking the video, activates the video tool function. Click Play in the menu bar, the Drop-down menu below can choose Automatic or click.

When clicked, you also notice that the video can be resized by 8 zoom vertices after clicking the video. Version 10 with the playback control, not only can play also adjust playback progress, very convenient.

Of course the video can also set custom animations, provided that you want to play the video when clicked.

When inserting the video, PPT automatically record the video path, do not modify the video storage location after inserting! Can be in advance video and PPT into the same folder, together to save.

format for inserting video?

There is also a need to note that the PPT can be inserted in the video format is limited, in the video when inserted in the following file type list, you can insert AVI, MPEG, WMV, SWF and other mainstream media format.

Other video formats:

In 2010, you can insert other formats of video such as MP4, such as mobile phone recorded video, of course, want to play the normal playback must be made with version 10 and 10 version play. If you save it as version 03, the video becomes a picture.

If you're doing a slide show for someone else, it's best to dump the video into a format that the PPT can play, avoiding unnecessary hassle.

The specific process of video conversion, will be in the next chapter for everyone detailed.

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