How to insert a Web page in PowerPoint

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1, in the page select the object you want to build the link above (including pictures, characters, buttons ..., this example takes text as an example), and then click the "Insert Hyperlink" button on the toolbar;

2, click on the button will appear after the interface, select the page you want to link, press "OK";

3, this insert link also has a problem, that is linked to the object under the underline. Can you get rid of this annoying underline?

When you want to create a link, do not select the text, but select the entire object on it.

Then click the "Insert Hyperlink" button to set the hyperlink as the first step above. OK, that's it!

This method is fast and convenient, but also have a bad place, that is the time to play the Web page is not shown directly in the PPT, but to call IE or other system default browser to display.

"This always feels like a layer, the overall is not so good." Is there a more convenient way? " Passers-by A to himself.

"This eldest brother asked well!" he said. Just one more trick! "

Use the control to set the macro security level to Medium or lower.

1, in order to operate conveniently, we first the "Control Toolbox" to be transferred out. Then put it in a suitable place.

2, OK, click on "Other controls" and select the appropriate control.

3. Draw a Web control on the page with the default parameter. Then draw a button again. Where is the button? Just above the control bar. The default name for the button is "CommandButton1", is it disgusting? It doesn't matter, select the button, and then click the "Properties" button on the Control toolbar, and the following interface appears. See "Caption"? Change the "CommandButton1" in the back to the name you want. ok! I changed my name to "browsing" here.

4, OK, now the key to the place. Double-click the button just now and you are in the VBA programming environment. Enter the code in the Code writing environment.

The point is this: WebBrowser1.Navigate (

Remember: here, quotes inside the address to use the absolute address! If it's a Web site, then here's what it looks like; if it is a local file, use this format: file:///D:/Documents%20and%20Settings/liu/desktop/ powerpoint/training. htm

Here,%20 is the meaning of the space. To be on the safe side, you can double-click on your local Web page file, and then copy the contents of the IE Address bar over to OK.

WebBrowser1.Navigate ("file:///C:zglpt1.html")

WebBrowser1.Navigate ("D: My document Desktop zglpl1.html")

The courseware made with the PowerPoint control is ready to run at the beginning, but why can't it be run the second time you save it?

Setting the macro security level to Medium or lower is OK!

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