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Flash is an interactive animation design tool that combines music, sound effects, animations, and innovative interfaces to create high quality web dynamic effects. Flash Animation has a better interactive function and animation effect, use it to complete more complex action, the following for you to explain how to insert Flash animation in the PPT slide, what are the methods?

Method One

1. Start PowerPoint and create a new presentation;

2, in the need to insert the Flash animation page click insert → object on the menu bar, the Insert Object dialog box appears, click "Create from file → Browse", select the Flash animation file you want to insert, and then determine;

3, just insert the Flash animation icon, click the right mouse button to open the shortcut menu, select "Action Settings", the Action Settings dialog box, select "Click Mouse" or "mouse over" can be, in the object action item Select "Object Activation", click OK.

Select the slide show → Watch show command, when you move the mouse over the Flash object, you can demonstrate Flash animation, and the embedded Flash animation can keep its function unchanged, the button is still valid.

Method Two

Generated by the Flash. EXE animation file insert ppt

---insert a picture first

---This picture, in Action settings, select Run program in the mouse click option and specify the file path and filename

Note: When using this method, make sure that the ppt[tool]--[option]--[security]--[Macro security option becomes low. Otherwise, a warning box will pop up each time the demo.

Method Three: Using the Insert Hyperlink

1. Run the PowerPoint program to open the slide you want to insert the animation in.

2. Insert any object in it, such as a piece of text, a picture, and so on. The purpose is to set a hyperlink to it. This object is best associated with the contents of the animation to which it is linked.

3. Select this object, click on the "Insert" menu, and in the Drop-down menu that opens the hyperlink.

4. Pop-up window, "link to" select "Original file or Web page", click [File] button, select the animation to insert, click [OK] complete. When you play the animation, just click the Set Hyperlink object.

Method Four

Note: The system needs to install Flashplayer Web playback controls;

1, input text

1 Start PowerPoint, automatically open a blank document, first delete the inside of the two blank text boxes;

2 Point Menu "Insert-text box-Horizontal" command, insert a horizontal text box, enter the text "Flash animation";

3 to "Insert Flash animation" as the filename, save the file to its own folder, while copying a flash animation to their own folder, with the slide piece, the filename to be converted into English;

2. Insert Flash Animation

1 Click menu "View-toolbar-Control Toolbox", come out a vertical strip panel;

2 in the panel, click the "Other Controls" button in the lower-right corner

, come out a drop-down menu;

3, in the Drop-down list to find the "Shockwave Flash Object" command, click to select;

4, the cursor into a 10-style, in the page to draw a box, out of an envelope-like box;

5. Double-click on the Envelope box to enter the object's Properties window (you can also hit the right button, select "Attributes" command);

6, find the property panel on the left bottom, the second line has a "(custom)", click to select, while the right out of three points;

7, on the right side of the three point click, out of the property page, enter the Flash animation file name followed by. SWF, the animation file should be put together with the slide;

You can also "embed the film" on the hook, so that the animation is inserted into the slide inside;

If you do not have a custom option, locate "Base" on the left, point to the right blank, and enter chun.swf

Then go down to "Movie", point right blank, enter chun.swf

8, click "OK" to return, then click the menu "file-close and return" command, back to the slide page, this time you can see the animation;

Save, show the file, see the animation effect;

Note that the animation will not automatically return after playback, so you need to play in the animation after the right button, select the "Back" command, so that the animation back to the beginning;

If the first insertion is unsuccessful, try changing the Flash animation file name and then inserting it again;

If you close the property window at the control, you can click the View-Properties window to display it again;

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