How to insert Flash animations in PowerPoint2007

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The new user interface for Office 2007 is refreshing and we have a neat and tidy workspace. However, the new interface changes also make many old users at a loss, many of the usual operations do not know how to execute, today we are talking about how to insert Flash animation in PowerPoint 2007.

The way to insert Flash animations in PowerPoint is not uncommon, and what we used to do is invoke the Control Toolbox insert control, so the question is where is the "Control Toolbox" for PowerPoint 2007?

First, open the Development Tools tab

By default, we cannot find the tool for the Control Toolbox in the existing menu of PowerPoint 2007, and we have to make some settings to call it. Click the Microsoft Office button in the upper-left corner of the PowerPoint 2007 main interface, and then click PowerPoint Options.

Next, find the PowerPoint preferences option in common, select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box, and click OK to complete.

Inserting a Flash control

A developer tab is now added to the PowerPoint 2007 main interface Ribbon, Office2007 about macro, calling external applications are categorized in the developer tool, and we have the Developer tab open in any Office component. You can also find it in other Office components, such as Word, Excel.

Click on the Developer tab, and in the Controls group, click the More Controls button.

Go to the Other Controls dialog box, select the Shockwave Flash objects object in the list of controls (a lot of the control list, the user can press the keyboard "s" button, quickly locate the control), and click OK to complete.

When a control is inserted, no new content is added to the document window, but note that the cursor pointer is automatically set to 10, and the user is free to drag the mouse to determine the size of the flash control.

Third, the Flash parameter setting

Now that the controls are plugged in, but there is no flash animation in PowerPoint, then we have to set the Flash parameter. Right-click the control you just inserted, and then select Properties from the menu.

There is a new "Properties" dialog box, which shows the basic English parameters, users do not have to pay attention to the specific meaning, directly with the mouse click on the "Custom" column. When you click on the "Customize" bar, a "..." button appears on the right, and click the button to enter the Property Pages dialog box in Chinese.

In the Property Pages dialog box, you need to type the full local path to the Flash animation in the movie URL, and check the play option if you want the Flash animation to play automatically.

Having done all this, the whole job is done, and now you can see the Flash animation in PowerPoint 2007, and it's pretty good.

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