How to insert transparent flash in PPT

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1. In Slide view, click the View menu, select Toolbars--Control toolbox, and open the Control Toolbox.

2, click the Toolbox in the bottom right button, from the Pop-up Control selection window select: "Swockwave Flash Object", then insert the Flash control on the slide.

3, click the button on the properties on the Control Toolbox to open the Flash Control Properties dialog box.

4, enter the path file name for the Flash animation in the movie property of the Control Properties dialog box, and adjust the other property entries.

5, close the Control Properties dialog box and Toolbox.

6, with the mouse on the slide to adjust the size of the object, position, you can insert Flash animation on the slide.

There are a lot of ways to insert Flash animations in PowerPoint, which is now known to you.

The first type: Insert Object Action Setting method

1, open the slide to insert Flash animation → "Insert" → "object" → "create by file" → "Browse" → Select the Flash animation to insert → ok → flash icon appears on slide

2, select the flash icon → right-click → "Action Settings" → "object Action" → "Activation Content" → "OK"

3, Play this slide, you can

Second: Copy-paste Link method

1, select the Flash animation to insert → "copy" → Open the slide to insert Flash animation → "paste" → appear flash icon (or any icon, as a linked object, the effect is equivalent)

2, select the Flash icon (or any of the selected icon) → Right-click → "Action settings" → "super link" → "Other files" → Select the Flash animation to insert → "OK" → "OK"

3, Play this slide, you can

Use the above two methods to insert Flash animation, the slide appears on the flash icon, not very beautiful. The use of control methods to insert Flash animation, the slide appears on the Flash screen, giving people a feeling of great. This law is not exclusive, take out with June share.

Third: The use of control method

1, open the slide to insert Flash animation

2, click "View" → "toolbar" → "Control Toolbox"

3, click the "Other Controls" button on the Control Toolbox toolbar (in the lower-right corner)

4, in the "Control list box", select "Shockwave Flash Object"

5, when the cursor is a cross, drag a rectangle in the slide you want to insert (drag the rectangle around the adjustment point, change the size of the rectangle)

6, double-click the rectangle → appear the properties window → select custom → Click on its right side of the "-..."

7, in the Property Pages window in the movie URL column, enter the Flash file name to insert → OK

8. Close all open windows and return to PowerPoint slides

9, Play this slide or drag a rectangular window, you can

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