How to install a sound card driver

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(a) Right-click My Computer----Properties---Hardware----Device Manager, expand Sound, video, and game controllers to see if there is a yellow "?" in front. Number, there is a lack of sound card driver, there is "!" , the sound card driver is not working properly, right-click the sound card, and choose Uninstall to remove it.

(b) Do not know the sound card model, expand the "Voice, video and game controller." The following string of characters and numbers is your sound card model, you can also "start"-"Run"-enter DxDiag, open the "DirectX Diagnostics Tool"-sound, from the open interface to find.

(c) CD-ROM installation, the driver of the sound card into the optical drive, right click on the "Voice, video and game controller" under? option, select "Update Driver" to open the Hardware Update Wizard, select "Yes, this time"---"Next"---"Install software automatically"-"Next", The system will automatically search for and install the sound card driver in the CD, if the disc is not suitable for you to use the sound card driver, and then another try, until completed.

(iv) Download driver software Installation

1, download the sound card driver's website many, the simple method is, in the comprehensive large-scale website homepage, puts your sound card model into the "Search" text box, presses "The Search" button, from the Open interface, chooses you to download the driving website.

2, in the open Web site, if you do not show you want the driver software, you can use the site search engine.

3, download driver software to note: One is the brand model to be right, the second is on what the system will be used, the third is to see the timing of the driving software release, the latest may not be suitable for use, can download a few more, pick to make.

4, download the driver software generally have automatic installation function, open, click is automatic installation. Cannot be installed automatically, after decompression, to write down the software on the disk specific path, such as D: ... Right-click My Computer----Properties---Hardware----Device Manager, open Sound, video, and game controllers, right-click the sound, video, and game controllers? sound card options, select "Update Driver", open the Hardware Update Wizard, remove the "search removable media" before the Tick , check the "Install from list or specified location"---"Next" and tick "include this location in search". In the bottom of the list box, fill in the path of the sound card driver folder you want to use (D: ...)---"Next", the system automatically searches for and installs the sound card driver in the location you specify. Sound card driver download and when it thunders, remember to turn it off! Your sound card might burn! Careful inspection!

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