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More and more wireless devices, especially wireless routers, but a lot of friends on the wireless router installation is still not clear, everyone's smart phones, tablets, have WiFi function, learn how to install wireless router, became an imminent thing. The following system of the small collection and collation of the wireless router installation methods and corresponding to each part of the functional details to share with you.

To install a wireless router, you first need to understand some of the basics of the network. Office people must know how to access the company's wireless network, which is very simple, as long as your computer or mobile phone support wireless WiFi, can search the company's wireless network, enter the password login can be used. In fact, the company's wireless network is also provided through the wireless router (or wireless AP), if you want to use the wireless network at home, you need to install a wireless router on it.

Network can be transmitted in a variety of ways, the most common and most stable is the cable network, wired network transmission media and a variety of classifications, can be optical cables, copper cables or ordinary cable. Wireless networks typically transform wired networks into wireless forms, providing services for devices. Of course, in relay mode, a wireless network transforms a wireless network into another wireless network. What we usually say is to turn a wired network into a wireless network.

Now the network in the home is generally a large operator directly provide broadband, there are relatively affordable community broadband. The network used is different, and the way you install the wireless router is different. So, before you install a wireless router, be sure to know what kind of wired network is in your home. Know the type of wired network in your home, then you should know the wireless router in your hand.

The wireless router must have at least one interface, which is used to connect the broadband network cable in the home. It is one of the necessary conditions to use a wireless router to connect the broadband network cable in the home to the wireless router. At present, the most common home wireless routers, generally have five or so interface, because this wireless router is generally integrated with the function of the switch.

So in the face of five interfaces, the home of the broadband network cable should be inserted on which one. A comparison of the analogy is that the five interface has a "boss", the remaining four are equal status of the "younger brother", "boss" the role is to distribute broadband to the rest of the younger brother to use. Therefore, the home broadband network cable must be connected to the "Boss" here, the "Boss" interface in the general use of unique colors on the router, so that users can distinguish it from the rest of the interface, and this interface must identify the "WAN" words.

Of course, the wireless network we are talking about today is also a broadband access to the "Boss" interface, and then through the line-free function, for our mobile devices to provide services. OK, so much to say, the last thing you need to know is to plug your broadband cable into the "Boss" (WAN) interface of your wireless router until you hear a "click" of a network card. Now that the "one wireless router" and "one broadband network cable" have been successfully connected, the process of installing the wireless router has already been completed, and then let us know about the wireless router.

In addition to what we have just mentioned, wireless router, a number of network cable interface, a wireless router also has a power interface, as a network equipment, wireless routers need independent power supply, that is, you need to bring the random with the phone charger very similar things, put electricity and plug into the wireless router's power interface.

At the same time, as a wireless device, in order to ensure that the wireless signal sent and accepted more smoothly, it should have "antenna", whether external (you can see) or built-in (you do not see). Built-in antenna There is nothing to say, the user is generally not necessary to take a look at, the external antenna is a bit fastidious.

External antennas are divided into detachable and can not be disassembled, the general household antenna is not removable, but it can be rotated or folded in a certain angle, so that the signal transmission/acceptance better. Removable antennas are generally more high-end models will be equipped, so that you can according to their own needs, to choose the right antenna.

Wireless router antenna amplification unit with gain representation (DBI), antenna gain is used to measure the antenna in a specific direction of the ability to send and receive signals, it is the choice of base station antenna one of the most important parameters. Generally speaking, the increase of gain mainly relies on reducing the width of the radial lobe, while maintaining the radiation performance on the horizontal plane.

Removable external Antennas

Removable wireless router antenna interface is generally divided into four kinds, SMA, Rp-sma and TNC interface, as well as MMCX and MCX interface. The full name of the SMA antenna interface should be SMA anti-grade male head, that is, the antenna connector is the internal thread, the contact is the needle (wireless device at one end is the external thread, inside the contact is pipe), this interface wireless equipment is the most popular. More than 70% of AP, no line by and more than 90% of the PCI interface wireless network card is the use of this interface.

Insert the broadband network cable and power, you should be able to see the wireless router, flashing lights on, and, flashing small lights logo is also "WAN", perhaps there is another small light, the general identification of "power" or similar abbreviations, is to indicate the source.

Now, the wireless router to power, expand the antenna, plugged into the broadband network cable, only need you to use another network cable, one end plug into the wireless router of the other several interfaces of a random, the other end of the access to your computer, you can configure the wireless router.

Before you configure your wireless router, be sure to look at the label on the bottom of the wireless router. Perhaps other electronic products are labeled, but you must not ignore the wireless router's bottom tag. This is where your router's initial IP address and initial user name and password are recorded. Log in and manage your router of course you want the password, or not everyone can login to your router? To know "How to configure the wireless router" please visit here.

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