How to install and configure ruby1.9.2 + rails3.1.1 development environment in windows within 10 minutes

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Generally, Windows developers need to build Ruby, rubygems, rails, and SQLite to start creating Rails Applications.

For beginners, the simplest way to install rails on windwos is the railsinstaller installation package.
Railsinstaller is a one-click installation package that helps you get started as soon as possible and quickly install the development environment.

Railsinstaller 2.0.1 used in this article includes:

    • Ruby1.9.2-p290
    • Rails3.1.1
    • Bundler1.0.18
    • Git1.7.6
    • SQLite3.7.3
    • Tinytds0.4.5
    • SQL Server Support3.3.3
    • Devkit

Railsinstaller Official Website:

1,Download railsinstaller 2.0.1Quick Start: Download

2,Double-click railsinstaller.exe to installIs a 58m file.

3. railsinstaller installation steps:

Click Next to go to the next step:

Agree to the installation agreement and proceed to the next step:

In this step, we recommend that you use English or pinyin to set the file installation location. do not include spaces between letters. In the future, you can use cmd to install the file.

Click Finish to complete the installation.

It takes about 6 minutes for railsinstaller to be installed. The size of the file after installation is 437 MB ,.

After you click Finish, a prompt for git and Shh settings will pop up, as shown in.

Git isProgramTo register a free user on, follow these steps.

After registration, return to the CMD window and enter the user name and email address respectively:

After the settings are complete, the system will prompt that the sshkey has been copied to the clipboard, create a TXT file => paste, save it, and save it for future use. The program also creates a sites directory under drive C.


In this step, the entire Ruby on Rails development environment has been configured. You can use cmd to test and use it in the future, for example:

We can see that the installed gem version is 1.7.2, Ruby version is 1.9.2, and rails version is 3.1.1.

At this point, we use railsinstaller to quickly install rails on Windows.

Start our Ruby on Rails journey.




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