How to install and uninstall a graphical interface under CentOS

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Although the text mode in the system occupies a small resource, but sometimes it is more convenient to operate in a graphical interface, so, learn to install a graphical interface under the CentOS must be. There are two graphics interface, you can choose one of them, to see which one of your update sources to install which bar.

CentOS Install X window

The code is as follows:

#yum groupinstall ' X Window System '-y

CentOS Install GNOME desktop environment

The code is as follows:

#yum groupinstall ' GNOME Desktop environment '-y

Install KDE desktop environment under CentOS

The code is as follows:

#yum Groupinstall ' KDE (K Desktop environment) ' Y

I centos under the installation, with the source of NetEase 163, Pit Dad's no gnome and KDE, and finally had to use X window, 69m,191 package, really pretty big. I have enough pits here. Dad, was expected to yum installation can save snacks, but backfired, prompted less than a file, as long as they go to find the corresponding RPM package, installed on

The code is as follows:

#rpm-I corresponding RPM package

RT, install the hint succeeded, StartX can't start, error, amount, forget, this tomorrow to see log, slowly whole.

There is the installation of unloading, we use the Yum installed, nature is also used Yum to uninstall, or delete.

Uninstall Xwindows

The code is as follows:

#yum groupremove ' X Window System '-y

Uninstalling the GNOME desktop environment

The code is as follows:

#yum groupremove "GNOME Desktop Environment"

Uninstall the KDE desktop environment

The code is as follows:

#yum groupremove "KDE (K Desktop environment)"

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