How to install and use micro-letters on your computer

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Electronic digital products update faster than the wallet update speed. So many people now use the non-smartphone (I am one of them), but the players who love to play mobile phones know that smartphones can bring a lot of fresh fun things, more people with the best experience. such as Tencent (QQ) The latest launch of the micro-letter, not only can send text, expressions, pictures, but also can send voice and video.

But a friend who is still using a non-intelligent machine like me will have to complain. And many people will ask:

Can you install micro-letters on your computer? How do I install a micro-client on my computer? How to use computer to play micro-mail?

Solution: Computer simulation smartphone, province traffic, but also convenient! Install an Android system from a computer (because Android is open source).

  Setup 1: Install the Java Environment JDK (not JRE)

Go to Oracle to download EE or javase:

Follow the prompts to install. Set environment variables when finished:

The environment variable is set to the following steps. Right-click My Computer--attributes--advanced--Environment variables

This is best added to the system variables, when you switch users or use (personal recommendation)!

Then click Create a new environment variable java_home like this:

I'm loading the D slot Java directory here. Click OK after setting. Continue to add the other!

3 environment variables are configured as follows:

Java_home:d:javajdk7 (that is, you install the JDK location, you need to modify)

CLASSPATH:.; %java_home%libdt.jar;%java_home%libtools.jar;%java_home%lib

PATH:.; %java_home%bin (Change the original, add this code to the front)

JDK Installation Complete

  Setup 2: Install the Android SDK

Android SDK Download Address:, here is the best download zip package.

Extract after download (remember not to get the Chinese directory may not support)

After decompression in the Android-sdk-windows directory under double hit open the SDK Manager.exe, the program automatically connected to Google's server to check the available packages, where it takes a few 10 seconds to a few minutes, please wait. It's probably like this when you open it.

The front window here chooses to download and install the Android version of the simulator according to your needs. Here in Available package (the left side of the column to select) any version of the installation can be. It's no use to install more than a few tests with fast Internet connection. Click to install, installation time is slightly longer, please wait patiently.

When the installation is complete, there will be a corresponding system available in the installed package installed, and I am certainly more than one here.

If you have installed the installation package, switch to virtual device Click New to create a new virtual device. Enter the name, select the version, SD card size where the SD cards are set, I use 4G here.

The creation process may appear as a response, please be patient and close the dialog box automatically when you are done. In the virtual device will appear just newly created fictitious device, select New virtual device, click the Start button;

Then click Launch, if the JDK configuration is not a problem. Then a moment of chicken's heart will come. Wait for system load to complete.

  Setup 3 installation micro-letter

Open in the load complete Android phone browser in the Address bar input click Free Download!

You will see a download icon in the upper left corner, the mouse hold down the icon down a drag will see you download the content, you can also go to the application of the download down to find. After you locate the downloaded APK file, click, and then follow the boot action to complete the installation! Then open the micro-letter, the following steps will not repeat. Because with this thing, I believe you know.

PS: Note that JDK environment configuration do not make a mistake. Because of the need for JDK environment.

When downloading the simulator, if the problem, please put the set inside the hook to play.

If you don't speak English in Android, please come to

Modified into Chinese.

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