How to install and use redis in python

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Install redis in python and use python to operate the redis database. download the redis-py module github first. comandymccurdyredis-pyshell # wgetgithub. comandymccurdyredis-py [code] and decompress the package to run pythonsetup. the pyinstall installation module can be installed and used: importredisrredis. R Install redis in python
Redis database operations with python, first download redis-py module

Shell # wget "target =" _ blank ">]
Decompress the package

Run in the extract Directory
python install
Install the module.

Installation complete


Import redis r = redis. redis (host = 'localhost', port = 6379, db = 0) r ['test'] = 'test' # or r. set ('test', 'test') to set key r. get ('test') # obtain the value of test r. delete ('test') # delete this key r. flushdb () # clear database r. keys () # List all keys r. exists ('test') # check whether this key exists. dbsize () # Number of items in the database

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How to install and use redis in python

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