How to install and use VMware virtual machines

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How to install and use VMware virtual machines

In fact, I have heard a lot about local computer virtual machine in the past, but there has been no opportunity and time to contact, today is really fun! Hey, your computer's virtual machine has been set up, ready to run some such as the virus may be a program ah, or a simple local database, Then you can use the data remotely, not afraid of being hacked, because as long as the operating system on your virtual machine error, you can restore a key to the correct state, and install the Restore method is very simple! Well, don't talk nonsense, everyone see me as a novice of the detailed installation process and method bar! And a friend who's not in touch, Can try this technology, very good Oh!

A brief introduction to the role of virtual machines:

It allows you to run two or more windows, DOS, and Linux systems on one machine at a time. Virtual machine technology employs a completely different concept than a "multiple boot" system. Multi-boot system can only run one system at a time, it needs to reboot the machine when the system switches. Virtual machines are truly "simultaneous", with multiple operating systems switching on the primary platform, just like standard Windows applications. And each operating system you can perform virtual partitions, configuration without affecting the real hard disk data, you can even through the network card to a few virtual machines with a network card connected to a LAN, extremely convenient. For example, the new system released, want to test the effect, but also afraid of installing the system after problems, back and forth to reload trouble, how to do? The virtual machine can help you to solve the annoying brain.

Pre-use Preparation:

1: Download the good VMware (download method and address below)

2: Ready you need to install the virtual operating system of the ISO package, such as mine is XP3, of course, support win7,linux and so on, a lot ....

All right, here we go!

First of all, I use the book VMware virtual machine installation software! In fact, there are many virtual machine installation software, like virtual box and Virtual PC, and so on, installation and use of the same, I use VMware, you can download their favorite, VMware is charged, but , hey, we all like free crack, Hey, VM7.0 cracked version of the download address, and this download is automatically activated OH:

If autoenrollment is not possible, a partial VMware Workstation registration code (all available, parental testing) is provided below:






Installation Instructions:

1, it is recommended to uninstall the old version of the VM, reboot the system and then install a new version of the VM to prevent errors.

2, this version of the default decompression path: D:program filesvmware Workstation, support custom Installation

3, never allow the VM to install in the directory containing the Chinese path, or the installation or use of the process will appear problems

4, vista/win7 system, please turn off UAC function, run Setup with Administrator privileges

5, please shut down the security software before the installation (security software will intercept the VM driver installation)

Step two: After the installation is complete, start the new virtual machine:

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