How to install IIS without IIS XP

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How to install IIS without IIS XP
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How to install IIS in a non-iisxp system without IIS]




First, enter "C:/Windows/INF/sysoc. inf" in "run" in the "Start" menu. The system will automatically open the sysoc. inf file using notepad. In sysoc. INF finds the "[components]" section, because it is a simplified version of XP, so there are very few items in it, add this section in it: "IIS = iis2.dll, ocentry, iis2.inf, 7 ". Save and close.

Because it is a simplified version of XP, there must be no IIS installation file in the downloaded Installation File. Click here to download the IIS Installation File. After downloading, decompress the package to the root directory of any drive letter (preferably the root directory to facilitate subsequent commands ). For example, I decompress the compressed package to the root directory of drive D.

Next, enter "cmd" in the running process and press enter to start the command line mode. Enter the following two commands in the command line and press enter after each command line ends (assuming that the Drive drive is a D Drive):

Expand D:/iis51/IIS. DL _ c:/Windows/system32/Setup/iis2.dll

Expand D:/iis51/IIS. In _ c:/Windows/INF/iis2.inf

Note that if you decompress the file to drive F, you can change d to drive F. At this time, you open the control panel-> Add/delete Windows Components, you will find that the Internet Information Service (IIS) installation options have appeared in the installation list.

The subsequent steps are the same as installing IIS, except that files cannot be found during installation (this is normal, because your IIS installation directory is not in the XP default directory ). At this time, you can click "Browse" and select the directory you just decompressed. This allows you to choose the installation file three times in total, and each directory will follow the steps described above.

No surprise. After a while, IIS will be installed. Click "finish ". However, this step is not complete yet. You need to make some settings for IIS: Open "Internet Service Manager" from the management tool"

Right-click "Default web site", go to the "Directory Security" tab, click "edit" in "Anonymous Access and verification control", and a new anonymous method window is displayed, then, click the "edit" button in "anonymous access" to remove the "allow IIS to control the password" comprehensive check, and then return all the way to OK. Now all the steps for installing iis5.1 in XP simplified version are completed.

Collection of IIS installation files Daquan:

The IIS version of Win2000 is 5.0.

The IIS version of WINXP is 5.1.

The IIS version of win2003 is 6.0.

The following is the address:

Iis5.1 for Windows XP



You may need to unzip the password

Iis5.0 for Windows 2000


2 http:// SC



Iis6.0 for Windows 2003



3 2121/2005/09/iis6.0.rar


There are many causes of errors on the IIS server. Please try the following operations:

1. View website properties-document

Check whether index. asp index.htm index.html exists in the default document. (It is best to have all of them. No options can be added)

2. View website properties-Home Directory

A. Is the local path specified correctly?

B. Check "Access to script resources "?

C. Check "read "?

D. Execution permission: script-only

3. View website properties-Directory Security-Edit

A. Do you want to check "Anonymous Access "?

B. User name: IUSR _ your computer name (if not, Click Browse and select)

C. Do not change the password. Check "allow IIS to control the password ".

D. Do not select others

4. View website attributes-website

A. IP Address: none or select one

B. TCP port: 80 (it is recommended that the access method be different. Note: Some software may occupy port 80, and IIS cannot be started when the port is occupied, for example: Xunlei)

5. Open Control Panel-management tools-Computer Management-local users and groups-Users

A. Check whether the user has started "IUSR _ your computer name". The user must be started (Note: red X indicates that the user has not started)

B. Check whether the user has started "IWAM _ your computer name". The user must be started (Note: Red × indicates that the user has not started)

C. Right-click the user on "IWAM _ your computer name" and set the password (remember the password and use it later)

6. Open Control Panel-management tools-component services-computers-my computers-COM + applications

A. On "IIS Out-of-process pooled Applications", right-click and choose 'properties'> 'identified' to specify the user: IWAM _ your computer name (note: click Browse to find the password. Enter the password in the above steps. Start the service again.

B. On "IIS In-process applications", right-click "properties" and choose "security" to remove "enable authentication ".

C. Right-click "IIS utilities" and choose "properties"> "security" to remove the "enable Identity Authentication.

Note: Some friends cannot start the components. It may be because you have optimized the XP service, caused by viruses, or caused by component business trips ...... You can only handle this.

7. Check "Control Panel-management tools-Data Source (ODBC)" to see if the system DSN has an Access database driver. If it is blank, add one.

8. If the preceding settings do not work, register the following components and copy them to the running environment:

A. regsvr32 % WINDIR %/system32/VBScript. dll

B. regsvr32 % WINDIR %/system32/jscript. dll

C. regsvr32 % WINDIR %/system32/inetsrv/asp. dll

Finally, the test ...... (If not, we recommend that you reinstall IIS and redo the above operations)

Wish you success!

========================================================== ==============================================

1 ..

If the following error message appears:

IIS installation error prompt: the installer cannot copy the file zclientm.exe


The zclientm.exe file is related to the Microsoft Game Center and is used for online games. It has nothing to do with IIS, so you can remove the installation options. Method: In add or delete Windows Components, double-click "accessories and Tools", double-click "game" in the pop-up window, and finally remove the check mark before "Internet Games. Reinstall iisand the zclientm.exe file is missing. The installation is successful!


When installing IIS In WINXP SP2, the system always prompts that staxmem cannot be copied. DL _, causing IIS installation failure, but this file is available in C:/Windows/servicepackfiles/i386 and staxmem. DL _ can also be accessed normally. Solution: (1) Start> RUN> Enter cmd> then enter the following command: esentutl/P % WINDIR %/security/database/SeCEdit. SDB (2) then the following information is output on the screen: Microsoft (r) Windows (r) Database Utilities version 5.2 copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. all rights reserved. initiating Integrity mode... database: L:/Windows/security/database/SeCEdit. SDB temp. database: tempinteg2680.edb checking database integrity

========================================================== ====================================

The installation was successful on gohstxp of ylmf!



[Switch] how to install iis5.1 In the XP system and support code

Maybe many of my friends, like me, are learning ASP and None. The best way is to download a Microsoft Windows XP Professional sp2.iso and extract the files in i386. Note that if you want Internet Information Service to support, you must also select FrontPage 2000 Server Extension under the Internet Information Service subdirectory.

Step 1: Open the control panel-add or delete programs-Add/delete Windows Components-Internet Information Service (IIS)-details-FrontPage 2000 Server Extension check. Okay. Copy and install the file. If the file is missing, follow the instructions above. If not, add QQ or email to me and I will send the file to you. If you only need to support ASP, the web server has already been set up on your XP system. After reading it, try it now.

IIS 5.1for xphttp: //

Ii. Of course, FrontPage 2000 or Frontpage 2003 has been installed. Otherwise, how can I expand IIS? There is no problem with installation.

3. Because you want to Develop ASP. NET web applications, you also need to install Microsoft. NET

Framework 1.1 software development kit (SDK ). Download the Microsoft. NET Framework 1.1 software development kit (SDK) from the Microsoft website and follow the installation instructions. You can find the in this directory

Install. NET Framework on XP and register it with IIS

For example, if you install 2. 0 is:

C:/Windows/Microsoft. NET/framework/v2.0.50727/aspnet_regiis.exe-I

4. If the default server extension for the web site is set in IIS, the site is running the Server Extension of the old version. To update the Server Extension, select upgrade extension from the "task" menu of the server ". If the service cannot be expanded due to this problem, the solution is to open my computer and go to C: /program files/common files/Microsoft shared/Web Server Extensions/40/bin/fpmmc. MSC open fpmmc. the MSC file can be used for Server Extension Configuration.


[Re-convert] A related

Unable to start IIS, unexpected error 0x8ffe2740

The first time I found this error, I thought there was something wrong with IIS, So I reinstalled it (this is a method I often use, haha. The revolution is just a little more thorough ). After the reinstallation, I found this problem. I checked it and found out that it was caused by installing a Digital Hard Disk Video Monitoring System. The software occupied port 80 of IIS, this error occurs. If you know the reason, you can solve it. The following is a summary:


This situation may occur if a port conflict exists in the system. by default, IIS uses port 80 for HTTP Communication. if the application except IIS is running and port 80 is being used on the same IP address, you may also receive this error message when trying to start the website using IIS manager.


To solve this problem, you can perform any of the following operations:

& 8226; in IIS manager, change the website binding port to a port other than port 80.

& 8226; stop the application that is using port 80, and then start the website from IIS manager.

More information

You can use third-party tools such as tcpview or fport to determine other applications that are using port 80.


Find out the cause and exit the Digital Hard Disk Video Monitoring System.



Currently, popular software uses port 80, including thunder and Skype.


Use netstat-B-o in the command line to check what process points use port 80, and then kill it.

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