How to install local source In Debian Linux

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1. Create local source

1,Apt-get install dpkg-dev (install the dpkg-scanpackages command First)


Cd/usr/local/debian (this corresponds to the address in the sources. list file)

Mkdir pools (physical address of the software package, which must be included first)

Mkdir-p dists/sid/main/binary-i386

3,Ls-1 pools | sed's/_. * $/extra BOGUS/'| uniq> override (write all the deb package names in the pools directory to the file override)

4,Dpkg-scanpackages pools override> dists/sid/main/binary-i386/Packages file]

5,Vi dists/sid/main/Release (varies by person)


Archive: sid

Version: lenny

Component: main

Origin: Local

Architecture: i386


Echo "deb file:/usr/local/debian sid main">/etc/apt/sources. list

Ii. How to install the system using the source created by myself

1. Local Installation

If the preceding debian directory is in the root directory of the second partition, And the debian Basic System on the installation is in the third partition, then:


Echo "deb file:/mnt/usb2/debian sid main">/etc/apt/sources. list

Apt-get update


2. Use mobile devices

If the above debian directory is in the root directory of the first partition of the mobile device and the device Number of the mobile device is/dev/sda1, then:

Mount-o iocharset = utf8/dev/sda1/mnt/usb1

Echo "deb file:/mnt/usb1/debian sid main">/etc/apt/sources. list

Apt-get update


3. apache

If the debian directory is on a PC (IP: in the LAN, place the debian directory in the default home directory of apache (for example: /var/www/html/debian), enable the apache service, and finally:

Echo "deb http: // sid main">/etc/apt/sources. list

Apt-get update


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