How to install memcached under Windows XP

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First, download memercached for Windows

Second, installation steps

1, extract to the specified directory, such as: C:\Memcached\memcached-win32-1.4.4-14.

2, with cmd Open command window, go to extract the directory, input "memcached.exe-d install".

3, open the Control Panel, open the service, you can see memcached already on the above can, if not started, then manually start.

4, use the Telnet command to verify that the cache server is available.

Do not show anything at first, enter the command stats to see the statistics, the following figure shows that the server is working properly.

Iii. Introduction of parameters

1, the above installation and start-up are in the default environment, in the installation of the following parameters can be set:

-P Listening Port

The IP address of the-l connection, the default is native

-D Start memcached service

-D Restart Restart memcached service

-D Stop|shutdown shut down the running memcached service

-D Install installation memcached service

-d Uninstall Uninstall memcached service

-U Run as (only valid when run as root)

-m maximum memory usage, in MB. Default 64MB

-Returns an error when M memory is exhausted instead of deleting the item

-C Maximum Simultaneous connection number, default is 1024

-F Block size growth factor, default is 1.25

-N Minimum allocation space, key+value+flags default is 48

-H Display Help

such as: "Memcached-d install-l 1024-c2048".

2, if the installation does not add parameters, you can modify the registry information to set up, open the registry, find



In which there is a "ImagePath" entry, the value is:


"C:\Memcached\memcached-win32-1.4.4-14\memcached.exe"-D runservice

Add "-M 1024-c2048" at the back. The following figure:

3, the input Stats command, the page appears parameter introduction.


STAT PID 4356 Server process ID
STAT Uptime 56625 Server run time, unit seconds
STAT time 1225249079 Server current UNIX times
Version number of the STAT version1.1.0 server
STAT Pointer_size 64
STAT Rusage_user 151.845489 The cumulative user time of the process (sec: subtle)
STAT Rusage_system 121.667603 The cumulative system time for this process (sec: subtle)
STAT ibuffer_size 4096
STAT curr_connections 13 Connection Quantity
STAT total_connections 54136 The total number of connections accepted since the server was run
Number of STAT connection_structures 318 server-Assigned connection structures
STAT cmd_get 100595 Total Fetch requests
Total number of STAT Cmd_set 6510 storage Requests
STAT get_hits 96543 Total number of successful requests
Total number of STAT Get_misses 4052 requests failed
Total number of bytes read from the network by the STAT bytes_read 4427679 server
Total number of bytes sent to the network by the STAT bytes_written 6585596 server


Uptime is the number of seconds that memcached runs,

Cmd_get is the number of query caches. Cmd_get/uptime gets the average number of cache requests per second.

Cmd_set is the number of times the Key=>value is set. The whole memcached is a large hash, with cmd_get not found content, will call Cmd_set write into the cache.

Get_hits is the number of cache hits, Cache hit Ratio = Get_hits/cmd_get *100%.

Get_misses plus get_hits equals Cmd_get.

Total_itemscurr_items represents the number of key-value pairs that are now in the cache.

Total_items = = Cmd_set = = get_misses, but when the maximum available memory is used, if the memcached is set to delete the content, the above equation is not established.

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