How to install Oracle10g on Windows 7 x64

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How Windows 7 x64 Install On Oracle10g Install Oracle for x64 Vista

Windows 7InstallOracle 10g x64Version:


1,Direct and effective methods:

Modify\ 10204_vista_w2k8_x64_production_client \ Client \ install \ oraparam. iniFile. Where:

[Certified versions]

# You can customise error message shown for failure, provide value for certified_version_failure_message

Windows = 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 6.0 , 6.1

Make up at the end6.1, Run againSetup.exe.

Tip: how to find the root cause of the problem?

OpenC: \ Program Files (x86) \ oracle \ inventory \ logsIf there is an error, you can quickly find the problem.

2,According to the online saying: (I tried to make it invalid, but I also changed it, which may be helpful for subsequent steps)

In the installation directory, searchRefhost. xml

For eachRefhost. xml, Add one

<! -- Microsoft Windows 7 -->


<Version value = "6.1"/>




Install PL/SQL developer

Directly installedPL/SQL developerThere will be a bunch of problems later:

Initialization error SQL * Net not properly installed

Cocould not load "D: \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ client_1 \ bin \ OCI. dll"

ORA-12154 TNS cocould not resolve the connect identifier specified

You can try the following method (fromHttp://

Because it is on the local machine Vista x64 Installed on 64 Bit Oracle , The result tries to use PLSQL developer When accessing it, the report says it cannot be loaded OCI. dll File. Original OCI. dll Yes 64 Bit, 32 ApplicationProgram PLSQL developer Naturally, it cannot be loaded.
The solution is as follows:

1. download 32 bit Oracle instantclient ( ), and expand to a directory, for example, C: \ oracle \ instantclient_10_2 ;

2.Tnsnames. oraCopy to this directory;

3.InPLSQL developerSet inORACLE_HOMEAndOCI Library, As shown in

4. in PLSQL developer edit the following content in the directory bat file, replace its shortcut, start PLSQL developer :

@ Echo off
Set Path = c: \ oracle \ instantclient_10_2
Set ORACLE_HOME = c: \ oracle \ instantclient_10_2
Set tns_admin = c: \ oracle \ instantclient_10_2
Set nls_lang = american_america.zhs16gbk
Start plsqldev.exe



Note:Nls_langThe first half must beAmerican_americaBecauseInstant ClientOther languages are not supported. The latter half can be adjusted based on the character set of your database.Al32utf8, You can setAl32utf8.

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