How to install pcntl_fork in WINDOW7

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How to install pcntl_fork in WINDOW7? My computer is window7 now. this pcntl_fork () function is not easy to use! What should I do? Need to install it? How to install it? How to install pcntl_fork in WINDOW7
In Windows 7, how does one install pcntl_fork? My computer is window7 now. this pcntl_fork () function is not easy to use! What should I do? Need to install it? How to install it?


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PHP process control supports Unix process creation, program execution, signal processing, and process interruption. Process control cannot be applied to the Web server environment. when it is used in the Web service environment, unexpected results may occur.

This document describes the common usage of each process control function. For more information about Unix process control, see fork (2), waitpid (2), signal (2) in the system documentation) for example, advanced programming in Unix environment (author: W. richard Steven S, Addison-Wesley ).

PCNTL now uses ticks as the callback mechanism for signal processing. ticks far exceeds the previous processing mechanism in terms of speed. This change follows the same semantics as "user ticks. You can use the declare () statement to specify the location where callback is allowed in the program. This minimizes the overhead of asynchronous event processing. Enabling pcntl during PHP compilation will always bear this overhead, regardless of whether or not pcntl is actually used in your script.

One adjustment is that all the pcntl scripts before PHP 4.3.0 need to make them work, either use declare () in the (code) part of the callback that is expected to be allowed, or use declare () the new global syntax makes it valid throughout the script range.

Note: this extension is not available on Windows.

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Windows does not support pcntl_fork!

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