How to install php4.04 in Win2k

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How to install php4.04 in Win2k -- I think it is better

Php4.04 is much larger than 4.0, with more than 9 MB after unpacking, And the DLL file has become more than 50.ArticleI also read this article to learn how to install PhP4 and MySQL in Windows 2000, but the current situation has changed from php4.0.1pl2 to php4.04, it seems to have doubled its weight. If we copy all the DLL files to system32 as mentioned in the original article, let's talk about the experience of installing php4.04.
1. I decompress php4.0.4 to D: \ PhP4, and then. copy ini-Dist to system32 and rename it PHP. INI: In the original article, you need to remove the comments in front of extension = php_zlib.dll. In my opinion, it doesn't matter if you don't take them. Do not change it. If you are a newbie and want to test it quickly, it will be no longer necessary to remove the comments later.
2. There is no need to copy PHP. EXE to WINNT, and there is no need to copy the DLL under extensions to system32 to keep them in the original place.
3. Copy all the DLL (14) under the D: \ PhP4 \ DLLs \ directory to the System32 directory. Is it necessary to have all of them? I cannot clarify it, but one of them is msvcrt. the DLL is already in system32 and won't be overwritten by you.
4. Open iis5, right-click your websit, select attributes, select ISAPI filter, and add the Filter Name in PHP. the executable file is browsed to D: \ PhP4 \ SAPI \ php4isapi. DLL, OK. Then select the Home Directory, click configuration, and applyProgramThe executable file D: \ PhP4 \ php.exe is added to the configuration. The extension is. php.

Okay. Use this to try:
<? PHP
Php_info ()
It should be noted that I was lazy and did not copy the DLL under the D: \ PhP4 \ DLLs directory to system32, and removed the comment before extension = php_ldap.dll, the result is that the DLL cannot be found, but it cannot be set in extension dir no matter how it is set. This phenomenon does not occur after replication.
In addition, today (), PHP bamboo replied to a post about the failure to find php_mssql.dll. Fan Cao said that PHP can be installed only by installing MsSQL on the client. remove the php_mssql.dll annotation in ini. Otherwise, the DLL cannot be found. In my opinion, the above method can be used, because extensions already has the DLL.

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