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Now a lot of domestic friends have used the DLink router, I will give you a detailed introduction dlink router hardware installation and DLink router set up the Internet diagram, there is a need to learn the students can refer to.

1. Cable Connection mode

First plug the di-524m 12V AC power adapter connector into the power jack on the rear panel of the di-524m and the other end to the power outlet. When the power indicator (power LED) on the front panel is lit, it will be visible. Wait until the di-524m is started before proceeding to the next step.

Connect the network cable connected to modem to the di-524m Internet port (some routers are WAN ports).

Connect the network card cable to any SIP of the LAN interface.

After completing the connection setting, the di-524m panel light should be:

(1) Power LED: constant bright;

(2) System Status Indicator: Flashing about once per second;

(3) WAN Port LEDs: flashing at irregular intervals;

(4) wireless network indicator: flashing at irregular intervals;

(5) LAN port LEDs: blinking occasionally (with computer)

2. Computer network settings (when setting up, please connect the computer to one of the LAN ports of the di-524m via a network cable)

First set the IP address of the computer's local connection

(1) on your computer's desktop, right-click My Network Places, and select Properties. The Network Connections window pops up.

(2) Right-click Local Area Connection-Properties

(3) in the subsequent pop-up Local Connection Properties dialog box, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the Properties button below. In the window that opens then, select "Automatically get IP address", click OK, and then go back to the previous interface and click Close. When the computer is connected to di-524m, the computer automatically obtains an IP address.

After you set up your computer, when the local connection appears connected:

Click "Start" → "run", typing cmd at "open", click OK.

Enter the MS-DOS command Prompt window and type ping and enter.

If the word "Reply from time<1ms ttl=64" appears, the computer has succeeded with the di-524m connection, and the next configuration can be made.

Network configuration of 3.di-524m wireless router

Open the browser, type in the browser's address bar, and click Enter to enter the router login interface.

In the appearance of the login interface, the user name is filled in admin, the password is empty by default, and then click Login to enter the following configuration interface.

From this interface you can see that there are two ways to make a network connection to a router: one is to use the Configuration Wizard and the other is to use manual configuration. The following is a description of the use of the Configuration Wizard.

After you click the Configuration Wizard to display the network connection settings, after you know this step, you can click Next to set up.

Click the Network Connection Wizard to configure the network.

After you click Next, in the following window to manage password settings.

By default, the admin password to enter the router configuration interface is empty, and to ensure that the device is secure, you can set a password to prevent others from changing the configuration of your router.

China Area Select the gmt+8:00 time zone in the Drop-down menu, and then click Next to enter the network connection settings.

A total of three options: DHCP connection (dynamic IP address), username/password Connection (PPPoE method), fixed IP address connection mode. The default state is a DHCP connection (dynamic IP address).

If you are not sure which type you want to select, refer to the following types:

A. If your computer directly connected to ADSL or cable modem, do not need to do any connection related settings can be connected to the network, please select the DHCP connection;

B. If your computer directly connected to ADSL modem, you need to set ADSL account/password, and need to connect the action before you can connect to the network, please choose PPPoE;

C. If your computer is directly connected to ADSL or cable modem, you need to specify a fixed IP address before you can connect to the network, please select a fixed IP address.

D. or contact your network service provider to obtain a way to connect to the network.

The following is an example of a PPPoE method.

In the previous interface, select username/password connection (PPPoE)?? PPPoE Mode connection

Click on the username/password connection, then next.

The system prompts you to complete the network connection, click Next to save the settings and restart the router.

In the System state interface, you can see that PPPoE is connected and the WAN side of the router gets the IP address information assigned by the Telecommunications department.

The configuration of the Network Connections section that follows the Setup wizard is now complete

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