How to install the Java environment in Windows XP

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SE (J2SE), Standard Edition, Standard Edition, is our usual version, starting with JDK 5.0, renamed Java SE.

The following instructions describe how to install JavaTM Platform, Standard Edition Development Kit (Java SE 6 Update Jdktm) and netbeanstm IDE 6.9.1 integrated Development Environment Package 。

The JDK (Java Development Kit) is a product of the Sun Microsystems for Java developers. Since Java was launched, the JDK has become the most widely used Java SDK. The JDK is the core of the entire Java system, including the Java Runtime Environment, Java tools, and Java-based class libraries.

Install packages on Microsoft Windows to install the software, you must have administrator privileges on the system. The installer places the Java Runtime environment (JRE) software in the%program files%javajre6, regardless of the installation location of the specified JDK.

Note: This installer does not replace the system version of the Java platform provided by the Windows operating system.

Both the JDK and the IDE have been tested on the following Windows platforms

Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP3), Windows 7 Professional

Before installation

Verify that the system meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements:

800MHz Intel Pentium III or processor with equivalent performance


750 MB free Space

Note: The installer uses the%userprofile%local settingstemp directory to store temporary files.

Verify that you have administrator privileges on the system.

Installing software

Double-click the installer jdk-6u21-nb-6_9_1-windows-ml.exe file to run the installation program.

Specify the JDK installation directory on the JDK installation page, and then click Next.

In the NetBeans IDE installation page, do the following:

Specifies the installation directory for the NetBeans IDE.

Accept the default JDK installation used with the IDE, or specify a different JDK location.

Check the installation Summary page to ensure that the Software installation location is correct.

Click Install to begin the installation.

After the installation is complete, you can view the log files in the following directory:%userprofile%.nbilog.

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