How to install the Linux system on the MAC's external hard drive

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specific installation steps:

1, to Fedora website to download fedora. Need to download files: Fedora-live-desktop-x86_64-20-1.iso This is the 64-bit GNOME desktop version of Fedora 20. Other versions can be downloaded, but it is certain that 64-bit, 32-bit is absolutely no way.

2, you can double-click the ISO to see the load, you will be prompted to image problems. Don't bother him. But the next second, you will understand why there is such a hint.

3. Burn this ISO to CD. You know, with disk tools. If someone wants to use a U-disk installation, find a tutorial for yourself. Or know something, I'll tell you, DD should work.

4. Reboot the computer and press option to insert the disc as shown below:

This mach_kernel, sure enough, is the boot file for the Mac. You'll notice that when you insert the disc, there are 3 new Startup items: Fedora Media: Boot file Mach_kernel.efi boot for Apple: Boot for UEFI. Boot directory:/efi Windows: Boot entry for traditional BIOS, MBR boot.

Go on!

It seems that fedora really attaches great importance to Mac users, even OS X dedicated boot files are in their own system.

Now, enter the "Fedora Media", and then the Fedora Launch menu will appear, choosing the first one (into the live CD). Then it is the load mark of the Fedora system, and then the following figure:

Click on "Install to Hard Drive" and then insert your external hard drive. I'm using a Fujitsu SATA 2.5 ' hard drive from another notebook, plus a wiring switch.

Then back to the screen, the language menu, according to your usual choice on the line.

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