How to install the MacOS Sierra u disk

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How to install the MacOS Sierra u disk

A week after the official release of iOS 10, the new MacOS Sierra system was introduced to the general Mac users. The new MacOS Sierra brings a whole new system experience and Siri that was previously available only on iOS devices. So MacOS Sierra system USB disk boot disk How to make? Let's look at the MacOS Sierra u disk production tutorial, MacOS Sierra U disk installation Method Bar!

MacOS Sierra u disk Production Tutorial:

1, first, we need to prepare a at least 8G capacity of the U disk as our system boot disk, and then we need to advance in the Mac App Store Mac computer in advance to download the latest MacOS Sierra system

Once downloaded, we can open the Finder to see the MacOS Sierra after downloading:

2, then, we need to use a very easy and simple, can help us to create a key MacOS Sierra system USB Disk Boot Disk tool-diskmaker X 6

3, through the DiskMaker x 10.12 Mac version software to make Apple system USB disk boot disk, you can support the production of Mac OS x 10.10x,10.11x,macos Sierra (10.12) system bootable driver installation program. DiskMaker x 10.12 Mac version of the entire production process as long as the mouse, do not use a terminal command, a real fool-type one-button production system of U disk Startup disk, and installed after the recovery HD.

4, download Good DiskMaker X 6, open it, there will be appropriate installation prompts.

DiskMaker X 6 Support a key to make the 10.10,10.11,10.12 system of U disk boot disk, click on the blue callout in the map "MacOS Sierra (10.12)" to start next

DiskMaker X 6 automatically detects the MacOS Sierra App that the user has just downloaded, click "Use this copy"

Insert our ready 8G capacity of U disk, DiskMaker X 6 will automatically detect, click on the way the blue part of the beginning of our MacOS Sierra system disk production can, the rest of the work we only need to wait on it, and so on U disk Startup disk after the production, DiskMaker X 6 Prompts the user to complete.

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