How to install the NVIDIA 15.10 driver in Ubuntu 14.04 and 358.16

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How to install the NVIDIA 15.10 driver in Ubuntu 14.04 and 358.16

NVIDIA 358.16 -- the first stable version of the NVIDIA 358 series has been released, and some minor improvements have been made to the 358.09 (Beta) version.

NVIDIA 358 has added a new nvidia-modeset.ko kernel module that can work with the nvidia. ko kernel module to call the GPU Display Engine. In a later release, the nvidia-modeset.ko kernel driver will be used to lay the foundation for the Pattern setting interface provided by the kernel's direct render Manager (DRM.

The new driver also has new GLX Protocol extensions and a new mechanism for allocating a large amount of memory to the system memory in the OpenGL driver. The new GPU GeForce 805A and GeForce GTX 960A are supported. NVIDIA 358.16 also supports X. Org 1.18 servers and OpenGL 4.3.


How to install NVIDIA 358.16 in Ubuntu:

Do not install it on the Production Device unless you know what you are doing and how to recover it.

For official binary files, go to

For those who like Ubuntu PPA, I suggest you use the graphics card drive PPA. So far, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 15.04, and Ubuntu 14.04 are supported.

1. Add PPA.

By pressingCtrl+Alt+TShortcut key to open the terminal from the Unity desktop. After the application is started, paste the following command and press Enter:

  1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa


It requires you to enter the password. After the password is entered, the password is not displayed on the screen. Press Enter to continue.

2. Refresh and install the new driver.

After you add a PPA, run the following commands one by one to refresh the software library and install the new driver:

  1. sudoapt-get update
  2. sudoapt-get install nvidia-358 nvidia-settings


(If needed) uninstall:

Start from the GRUB menu to enter recovery mode and enter the root console. Then run the following commands one by one:

Remount the file system to writable:

  1. mount-o remount,rw /

Delete all nvidia packages:

  1. apt-get purge nvidia*

Finally, return to the menu and restart:

  1. reboot

To disable/Delete the PPA driver, click Software and updates under system settings, and navigate to other software labels.

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