How to install the video card driver

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How does the video card driver fit? Five steps to complete the drive installation

Now many netizens should be CPU voltage so that its overheating, dust too much, thunder, power outages and so cause the video card was burned, want to change the graphics card, but do not know how to install the graphics card driver? So how to install graphics driver? Below will give you detailed how to install graphics driver, graphics driver installed where?

1, how to know their graphics card model.

A. Right-click on the desktop-Properties-Settings-"Display:" The following is written on your computer graphics card model, and then hit the "Advanced", the window shows the "Plug and Play Monitor" behind a string of characters and numbers, is your computer graphics card model.

B. Also can be "start"-"Run"-enter DxDiag, open "DirectX Diagnostics Tool"-display, look up from the open interface.

C. With the help of Optimization master search, open Optimization master, in the "System Detection" interface--computer equipment--Display card-the right side of the display is that you use the graphics card model; Click "Video System Information" To view the detailed parameters of the card.

D. Use professional software such as Master Lu and Driver Wizard to view.

2, if you have a random video card driver, the video drive CD into the CD-ROM drive, right click on the "Show card" under the? option, select Update Driver, open the Hardware Update Wizard, select Yes, only this time---next---"Install software automatically"-"Next", The system will automatically search for and install the graphics driver in the CD, if the disc is not suitable for your graphics driver, and then try another one, until completed.

3, download the website from the professional download driver. If there is no suitable CD-ROM, can go to the official graphics card website, drive home, Zhongguancun, Huajun and other websites to download. Download the driver software from the Internet, download driver one to see the model, two to see suitable for your system use, to download a few more standby.

4, graphics driver download program software, generally have automatic installation function, according to the software requirements to install, can be successfully completed. Can not be automatically installed, decompression standby, to write down the software on the disk path, such as D: ... Open the Hardware Update Wizard-Remove the tick before "Search removable media" Check the "Install from list or specified location"---"Next", tick "include this location in search", and in the bottom of the list box fill in the path of the downloaded video driver folder (such as D: ...) ---"Next", the system automatically searches for and installs the graphics driver in your designated location.

5, install the video card driver, then to adjust the resolution and refresh rate.

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