How to install Win7 system with mobile HDD

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There is no USB flash drive and CD, there is only one mobile hard drive. How the mobile HDD installation system is carried out. Here the little boy came to give you a lesson.


1, mobile hard disk.

2, Win7 32-bit operating system (*.ISO).

3. A computer with a system that can be powered on.

 Win7 32 system Image:

 Installation action:

 1. clear a partition of the removable hard disk, format the primary partition and set as active. (My mobile drive uses H disk to make the installation disk.) )

Plug in the mobile hard disk, set a partition as the boot partition, formatted as NTFS format, then right click on "Computer" select "Management", in "Disk Management" to find the need to set up the "Partition Drive", click "Right", select "Mark partition as Active partition", then click "Properties", cancel the setting " The option to compress this drive to conserve hard disk space. 1 Figure 2

Figure 1

Figure 2

 2. in the current system using the decompression software to extract or extract all the files in the ISO file into the partition (here the child with the partition name is the H disk, decompression software is 7z decompression, other decompression software is possible.) ) 3

Figure 3

 3. "Start-run-input cmd" under the current system. 4

Figure 4

  4. open "Start" → "All Programs" → "Accessories" → "Command Prompt", enter the Class DOS window and execute the following code under the DOS window:

"H: (Enter the H-disk, the one you formatted in front of the disk)

CD Boot (enter boot directory)

    bootsect.exe/nt60 H: (make the disk bootable and see that the prompt is successful). 5

Figure 5

Recommended reading: " command prompt CMD and DOS Association "

 5. reboot the computer into the BIOS and set the mobile drive as the first boot device. (Motherboard different BIOS setup interface is also different, but basic is usb-xxx)

PS: To enter the BIOS, see " How to enter the BIOS for different motherboards ".

 6. Press F10 to save the BIOS settings (of course different BIOS save shortcut keys are different, everything according to the BIOS setup interface prompt), then the computer automatically restarts, you can start from the mobile hard disk and start the installation.

 7. install Win7 The first step to extract the files will restart, restart when entering BIOS settings back to the hard disk boot. (Do not boot the system from the removable hard drive)

8. After restarting, the installation continues until the installation is successful.

  PS: If the Win7 32 image file is downloaded from this website, the system will be activated automatically when the installation is complete.

  "Warm tip" above the Bold command is important, the mobile hard disk can be started as a startup disk to see it all.

How to install Win7 system with mobile HDD

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