How to install WMP10 under Windows 2003 System

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Yesterday we launched the first time in the use of Windows Media Player 10, we found that Windows Media Player 10 does not support any operating system outside Windows XP at all! But after a night of the vast number of netizens to explore and transform, We were surprised to find that Windows Media Player 10 can be installed on Windows Server 2003 and now share the method with everyone!

Let's take a look at the screenshot first:

Retrofit installation steps:

1. Click the Start menu, enter Sfc/purgecache in the run (the system backup files empty, these files are useless to us, to prevent the system automatically restore WMP to the original version).

2. Extract the WMP10.exe using WinRAR to a folder on the desktop, such as WMP10. (directly in the WMP10.exe right--->winrar----> Decompression to ..., the decompression can be done).

3. Copy the files in the Wins2k3 folder that I provided to the previous WMP10 folder, overwriting the same file directly.

4. Select all. inf files in the WMP10 folder except Wmp10.inf, right-click----> Install. If the System File Protection dialog box pops up (several times), click Cancel on the dialog box and click Cancel if prompted to reboot. ---

5. Right-click on the Wmp10.inf----> installation.

6. Import the Wins2k3.reg into the registry (double-click on it).

7. Run the Setup_wm.exe in the WMP10 folder.

8. Delete the following files from the system root:













Favorites--4 and 5 star RATED.WPL

Favorites--Have not heard RECENTLY.WPL

Favorites-Listen to late at NIGHT.WPL

Favorites--Listen to on WEEKDAYS.WPL

Favorites--Listen to on WEEKENDS.WPL

Favorites--One Audio CD WORTH.WPL

Favorites--One Data CD-R WORTH.WPL

Fresh tracks--yet to be PLAYED.WPL

Fresh tracks--yet to be RATED.WPL


High bitrate media on my library.wpl

Low bitrate media in my library.wpl

Music Tracks I DISLIKE.WPL

Music tracks I have not RATED.WPL

Music tracks with content PROTECTION.WPL



Because when you click on the INF file installation has been installed once, and then click on the Setup_wm.exe to copy again to the system root directory.

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