How to install XP and Win7 dual Systems

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  Situation one, install XP under the Win7 system (including the 2 methods of traditional slow installation and the method of Ghost installation):

Believe that a lot of users who bought a new computer are pre-installed Win7 operating system, used up old not accustomed to, uncomfortable, want to use XP system, but also reluctant to factory genuine windows7, so you need to install the Win7 under the dual system XP.

  Preparatory work:

First, you need to prepare a primary partition to install the XP system. It is recommended that you create it in the Win7 system with Disk Manager. For example we chose to create H disk.

Right-click on the computer--management--Disk Management,

Then click a disk partition with the mouse (if there are other options, do not initiative from the system disk zoned space to create a new partition), in the pop-up menu when the "Shrink volume",

The system pops up a reminder box to show that the user system is getting the space to tighten.

The reminder in the image above, "query volume to obtain available tightening space", in fact, the system in the detection of the current partition there is a large space can be separated, let users create new disk partitions.

When the interface shown in the previous illustration is rendered (that is, the size of the new partition can be found after the system detects), click the "Tighten" button. Later, you will find that Windows 7 has a new space identified by green (as shown below).

As you can see from the diagram, the space currently available for a new partition is 91.6GB, right-click the unassigned area of the basic disk, and then left-click New section, click Next, select Primary partition, expand Partition, or logical drive, and then follow the instructions on the screen. Of course, the above is a new 91GB partition, in fact, we can not use the installation of XP so big, please your own points 10~20gb is enough. Finally, add the volume label "XP" can be.

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