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How can we better use wordpress sites and CRM (Customer Management )? One of the best options is to use Salesforce, but the two did not have a better combination in the past. What is Salesforce? The world's leader in On-Demand CRM solutions offers unparalleled customer success rates. For more information, see Baidu encyclopedia This article will show you how to integrate wordpress and Salesforce to turn your wordpress site into obtaining resources from potential customers. We will use Salesforce's potential customer application tool.

I. Why use Salesforce to integrate wordpress?

There are many benefits to using CRM to obtain customers. conservatively speaking, CRM can better analyze customers than general business systems because they have a more professional and scientific analysis platform. This is nothing more than more effective e-commerce. Saleforce is a leader in CRM.

Wordpress is a very good website platform, especially applied to the construction of enterprise websites. It is also widely used in front-end sales. However, wordpress is not a CRM, so it is very likely to lead to the loss of customers.

If the two are combined, they can play a better role. Therefore, using Salesforce to integrate wordpress is necessary.

Ii. potential customers of Salesforce

After you register a Salesforce account, your account contains a potential customer application. It allows you to design a contact form. It also provides an HTML code that can be applied to almost any site. Of course, the wordpress system is no exception.

3. Create a potential customer form

First, log on to your account and find the settings menu. In the drop-down menu on the right of the Account Logon page. For example:


Click Settings. On the left side of the Salesforce management panel, there is an "Application Settings" menu. Click "Custom" below ":



There are a lot of application lists under the custom, and we need to select "potential customers ":



The following page is displayed when you click "potential customers" in the sub-menu of a potential customer:



Note that if "online potential customers are enabled" is not checked, click Edit and select. If this option is selected, click "create online potential customer table" to create the table:



Now you need to add the required fields from the left to the right, not from the right to the left. This is similar to access software. The returned URL is optional. If the content is entered, the page will pop up after the user submits the content. The user experience is better. For example, "Thank you for your submission. We will contact you as soon as possible. I entered it during the test. Click Generate ".

Next, an HTML code is generated:



Now, the Salesforce settings are complete. Next, go to the wordpress background.

4. Create a contact page in wordpress

Log on to the wordpress background and add a page or article. We recommend that you add a page. In the editor, go to the text (html) mode and paste the above Code into the editor. If your modern code is bloated The annotator and the content in it are all deleted. In this way, the code is much less. Click Publish to view the generated contact form:



Now you can perform the test, enter the relevant content, click submit, and go to Salesforce to view the potential customer information:



The above example is just tested by the author.

At this point, Salesforce has successfully integrated wordpress. This article is the original source, dianjin theme network

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