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In a person's life, he does not know how many times he is asked or needs to introduce himself. Maybe it's a friend who met for the first time, maybe an interview Examiner, maybe a new class at the beginning of the school, maybe a strange party, maybe a respected elder ......

Some people have a very short self-introduction. My name is XXX. Others are very complicated. There are a lot of titles, which are complicated. Some people like to show their own personality (what kind of person I am); some people pay more attention to external comments (I have won the honor or affirmation ). Some people prepare different self-introductions on various occasions, while others stick to a set of arguments wherever they are.

The process of introducing yourself is actually a process of searching for yourself and self-identification, or simply describing the person in your own ideals.

Two days ago, I visited a big boy named "facial bully. In the past six months, he participated in 23 interviews, but his work was not completed. During the consulting process, I suggest him do a role-playing exercise. I will show the interviewer, And he will show the most common self-introductions in the interview.

Listen to our conversation --

Wang: "First of all, thank the leaders for taking the time to give me this opportunity. My name is Xiao Wang, who is a recent graduate of the XXX University department. I am very interested in your job. My personality is positive, optimistic, steadfast, and team-oriented. If you can give me this opportunity, I will work hard to surprise you !"

Interviewer: "Is there anything else? ."

Mr. Wang: "I am a very hard-working person. I receive a scholarship from the department every year during my school period. I have two first-class courses and one second-class courses. My interpersonal relationships have been very good, it's the length of our dormitory, and the relationship with the students is also very harmonious ......"

Interviewer: "Can you tell me what you can do for the company if I recruit you ?"

Wang: "I have a strong learning ability. As long as it is not a kind of business-related job, and in other positions, let me follow a teacher for a while, I will be able to learn everything I should do ......"

Interviewer: "The expected salary you wrote in your resume is 2500 yuan. Why are you so sure ?"

Mr. Wang: "This is my first job. I mainly study and increase my work experience. It doesn't matter if my salary is low, as long as I can maintain a normal life ."

Say what you want to say or what people want to hear

Self-introduction and analysis are quite interesting. It not only involves social skills and expressive skills on the surface of a person, but also reflects many deeper and more complex contents in the introducer's mind. For example, narcissism, such as evaluation criteria, such as the ability to test reality.

Let's take a look at Wang's example. His strong self-introduction does not violate the premise of "highlighting advantages" in general interview guidance. The core of his question is "what is the advantage "? Mr. Wang told me that he wanted to make a good impression on the other side, such as "positive, enthusiastic, studious, loyal to the position, and will work practically after taking up his post, but what he lacks is-are these impressions really "good" to the other side? Or the most important impression?

The most basic standard for an enterprise to recruit employees is to "work" and be able to complete work tasks with quality assurance within the specified time. This simple truth is typically divided into three capabilities: problem solving, burst resolution, and group collaboration. To put it bluntly, you can do well when you are doing well, when someone is in trouble, or when you need help from others.

Compared with these, the excellent qualities such as "modest, studious, enthusiastic, and positive" in the student age must be temporarily removed from the second-line. After all, the company is not a student club and has no obligation to help you grow up. It will not provide opportunities for learning in vain-unless you show your potential to convince them that it is worthwhile to do so.

Therefore, the opening ceremony like "Thank you for giving me this opportunity" is not necessary. Instead, it only exposes your self-confidence and makes the other party suspect that "are you not worthy ?" You may as well start with a "good afternoon" without being humble, and then give a detailed example of "being able to work. There is a small shortcut here, that is, the requirement classification Statement on the recruitment notice, to be targeted.

Be careful if the examples mentioned are too "Baby cavity". Do not prove your good "problem-solving ability" with examples like "returning to school after getting lost ." Don't laugh. This is a generous statement by a cute doctoral student during an interview with a foreign company. In addition, it is not the best strategy to take the initiative to lower the salary requirements. The Reward paid by an enterprise to a person matches his or her ability. If you mean less, you will give the other party a "not worth more" Doubt.

What is your core value?

In addition to interviews in the workplace, self-introductions in life are even more interesting.

Let's take a look at three boys dating a girl.

The first open-spoken man looks like a huge fund, focusing on the company's scale and assets under his name. Although he frequently uses modesty in his language, but the overall feeling is like a peacock eager to open the screen.

The next speaker, who was obviously threatened by his self-esteem, turned to focus on his development that had advanced by leaps and bounds over the years after graduation. His subline was "Don't look at my current situation, however, I am a standard potential stock and will be infinitely limited in the future ".

As for the last one, he roughly avoided the financial topic and emphasized his elegance and interest in "a wide range of interests and a sense of affection between mountains and rivers, it sounds like a romantic talent that went wrong during the financial summit.

In fact, no matter what the three people talk about, they are showing their comparative advantages in terms of their psychological functions. When talking to other occasions where competition is not so emphasized, such as classmates, meetings, fellow villagers, and netizens, each person will introduce himself, in fact, it is based on my own identity and value judgment.

I like to emphasize wealth because wealth is absolutely important to him. If he leaves the wealth that he is attached to, he may feel that he has nothing to do with it. He always wants to highlight his personality because his heart pursues uniqueness, being ignored by people around him is a kind of torment for him; and those who give their names every turn to get confused are probably used to being seen as passers-by, such as a person, B, and C, when the green leaves become an experience, and whoever is willing to give the safflower position to him, he will also feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, I have heard of a person's self-introductions in a few simple words. If we have a little attention, we will not only be able to understand the specific information he/she intends to convey, you can also roughly speculate on his/her reference framework for evaluating people, yourself, and the world.

Another kind of self-introduction is to face your own

The self-introductions mentioned above are all for others, and there is also a self-introduction for yourself.

"Who I am" is an old and eternal topic in Philosophy. There are not many people who can make satisfactory answers. During treatment, I often ask the visitor to think about this problem and ask him to tell him what he looks like-who he is? Is he cute? Would you love him?

Usually, the visitor's own answer implies the key to breaking through the predicament. Unfortunately, not every time they hear it. In my opinion, there is a successful man who can definitely be classified as a "successful career"-He owns a mansion of more than 150 square meters in the land area of the Third Ring Road in Beijing-for half a day, the final answer is only a short sentence: "I am a very diligent person." When I asked why I didn't talk about things and various aspects of my life, he said, "My other aspects are far from being successful, "diligence" is an advantage."

My God! It seems that in his world, people can only be divided into "diligence" and "Laziness", or "success" and "failure. Therefore, it is hard to understand why this "Diligent treasure" will be hospitalized for recuperation every winter due to the onset of depression. our flesh and blood are not the eternal motive of the legend, it's impossible to be as diligent as a clockwork. If you don't know how to rest, you will find a way to take a rest.

This is the opposite of the young talent who has been thinking about his own advantages. There is also a kind of visitor who especially prefers to list the shortcomings of a train when doing this exercise. For example, a pretty girl who is always subject to emotion, I have summarized it as "nothing worthy of others' liking", whether it's temper, talent, economic ability, or family background, if you don't get the same shot, you will be able to find the target. So every time I hear a word of praise from an actor, she will never believe that the other party is from the heart, but "it is said to make me happy ."

Of course, her self-Decrement has also brought many potential benefits to her-when we decide that we are a bad and unlovable person, by the way, you can give up the efforts you have to make in close relationships, or consider what you have actually done wrong in the case of various conflicts and contradictions. After all, being a victim of fate is always easier than facing challenges.

Write an "Tomb inscription" for yourself"

Forget who said: "The Great Philosophers only ask questions, but never give answers ". This is probably because there is no final answer to any questions about the soul, so never ask me "What kind of self-introduction is the best ". What I can share with you is to find a direction. I believe that every answer that seems to be unsatisfactory contains the mysterious revelation that helps us move towards our ideal.

Five years ago, I gave birth to a child and left school. Whether in a professional venue or a private party, as long as I introduce myself, I will say with insufficient confidence: "I am a full-time mother. When I have time, I will write a manuscript, consult." For a long time, I was stuck in this self-positioning. One day, I suddenly began to doubt this and asked myself-Are you satisfied with your definition? Do you want to use this introduction all your life?

Of course not.

So I found a piece of white paper listing the ideal self-introduction. As a result, I find that I love each of the three roles "Mother, writer, and consultant", and none of them is willing to give up. In this case, I need to adjust my way of life and set aside more time and energy for the two roles, not just a blank feeling.

If you want to try this exercise, you may wish to list your "ideal self-introduction". The more detailed, the better, and then compare your answers, one by one, think about what practical actions can be taken for this purpose. If this exercise does not touch you enough, try its upgraded version-write an inscription for yourself.

Owen Yalong, a master of existence, concluded that live people are not afraid of death. Unfortunately, many people think about how they want to live only when they hear the sound of death (such as the death of their loved ones or illness, what makes the most sense. The game of the tomb inscription can help us to complete this thinking in advance.

It's like the diligent man mentioned in the previous paragraph. When I remind him, "How do you expect people to mention you that day? For example, your son ?" He did not answer the question on the spot. So I suggest him go home and ask his 7-year-old son. He never told me his answer, but much more important than this one is that he could see his changes.

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