How to Kill a Trojan horse or virus in the system

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When the computer works in abnormal state, such as the emergence of Win7 system slow, unresponsive, high CPU occupancy rate phenomenon, may be a Trojan horse or virus program in the system, can be killed by the following several aspects.

1, the use of anti-virus software

Can the emirate first upgrade anti-virus software to the latest version of the Ji Jing for a comprehensive scan to see if there are viruses or trojans.

2. Check the key position of the system

Step 1: Press the "Ctrl+alt+delete" key combination or right-click on the taskbar, execute Task Manager, and in the Pop-up Task Manager dialog box, select the Processes tab to see if there are any unfamiliar processes or services.

Step 2:win7 Flagship Implementation "START" | "Control Panel" | "admin tools" 丨 "services" command, open the Services window to see if you've started unwanted services or added unfamiliar services

Step 3: Perform the start 丨 Run command, enter regedit in the pop-up dialog box, open the Registry Editor window, and expand Hkey_local_ in the left window machine| software| Microsoft| windows| CurrentVersion the node, click the Run, RunOnce, and RunOnceEx node below it and check to see if there are any suspicious startup items in the right window.

Step 4: Perform the "Start" 丨 "Run" command, enter CMD in the win7 System download pop-up dialog box, open a Command Prompt window, enter the Netstat-an command, view all IP addresses that connect to the local computer, and determine if an abnormal connection has opened a suspicious port.

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