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To be very pertinent, it is best not to buy any books for iOS! I have bought five iOS development books. None of them are satisfactory. Most of them are in the form of Loli, which is very simple and not practical. Some of them are even misleading, and they are not systematic at all. Therefore, reading is not recommended at all! We recommend that you discard this learning method directly, before a good iOS development book appears.

Other learning methods, Blog reading, are not recommended! Why is the level of blog writing personnel uneven? Many of them are not responsible, so they are not recommended.

Watch the video. The best way to learn this is because most people have never been familiar with MAC systems, familiar with this wonderful operating system, and familiar with xcode (more amazing compiler) the familiarity is of great help. What videos do you watch? Undoubtedly, the first one is the one from the white-bearded old man at Stanford University! Read and Write the example above.

Focus on basic knowledge, such as memory management (learning this is not useful in actual development, but almost every abnormal company will ask during the interview, so you must understand), basic syntax, such as what is a protocol, Delegate, proxy, and so on. Basic components, such as uilabel, uiscrollview, uitableview, and navcationcontroller, must be written more than once you understand them, when you write more times, you will find that you have encountered more than N super abnormal problems.

By the way, we also have an understanding of the IOS mechanism, such as some abnormal sandbox mechanisms. If you switch from Android, you need to know that iOS and Android are different things in different worlds! There is no service for this product, and this product cannot run in the background. This product compiler does not give you any tips. You cannot obtain any information you want, if you want to get a photo album, you should also ask the user to prevent you from using it. iOS is a wonderful thing, except that it runs smoothly than Android and does not have to be adapted, this product has many disadvantages, so be prepared. Don't turn around when your mind is hot.

Watch more videos and write more videos. Remember not to look down !!

Well, let's write it here first. There are videos from some training institutions, but we didn't find them reliable. We will update them later.

August 03, 2013 14:06:14

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