How to learn and use "tools" efficiently and effectively?

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In software development, we should pay attention to the rational use of tools, so that they become efficient.

1 tools are also products, and there are many tools that are product-wide. Since it is a product, there are a lot of services, such as help documentation, forums, and consulting staff. These are beneficial factors in the effective use of tools. Can let oneself quickly familiar with the new tool, the positive communication, will bring oneself to see the progress which sees.

2 Familiarize yourself with the additional functionality of some tools. For example, some report design software, BI tool's own functions, these functions of the flexible use, so that your ability to solve practical problems quickly improved.

3 good at debugging errors. There are many tools, all of which have the function of log output. It is important to find logs and analyze the logs. When debugging the program, adjust the scope of your changes to a small part, then observe the log, observe the generated files, get quick and clear feedback. Finally, these small changes can be combined to form an effective solution. This needs to know the line of oneness.

4 tools are often combined with advanced ideas and ideas. Tool Accessories of some methods and concepts, the principle behind, in the use of tools, need to understand carefully. Can not just stay in the simple copy of the use of the plane. Should think positively, why use so. What is behind the principle. Through the "Break Away" learning process, so that the tools and knowledge really for their own grasp.

5 in the work and life anytime and anywhere learning, as Xunzi in the "an exhortation" said: "Learning can not already", learning can be diversified, can be flexible, can be multi-field. Learning is full of happiness, but being good at thinking is fundamental.

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