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, before the establishment of the station: space and the choice of domain name

Space to find Fast and stable, this needless to say, in the choice of time to check the same IP under the same station, there is no bad or have been punished station. Domain name with. com, the best name is close to the site theme, the most important thing is to find out if you are ready to register the domain name before anyone used. I was about to make a mistake, I was going to register 52yimei, the result of the registration of the time domain name to remind me, said the domain name was pulled before the blacklist. The last to change the 92yimei, very clean domain name, no priors, hehe.

Second, the establishment of the station: the choice of key words and Web layout

I do Amoy, the choice of key words really make people headache. First determine the main keyword, around the main keyword to find long tail keyword, then analyze the index, and then analyze the word in the first few pages in Baidu How many people do, how many domain names, how many two domain names, competitors Web page layout, optimization, reverse chain and so on a series of data, after three days of analysis, finally confirmed the current keywords, Although not particularly good, the competition is not small, but still have the confidence to do it.

Head section

About the keyword layout, recommended use: Main keyword _ long tail 1_ 2-site name

Why to do this, first of all, the main keyword put in front because Baidu is very sensitive to the first seven words of title, this word determines the overall impression of your site Baidu, the main keyword and long tail words suggested by "_", because in Baidu seems "_" equal to the space, so that the words conducive to the split between the key words, To know Baidu is the word segmentation algorithm. Select "-" Half dash plus site name, is to promote the weight of the keyword. Take my station for example:-92 Yi Mei Net, the word in Baidu is not search, that is, a new word, Baidu like fresh things, the more they do not, the more they like. That Baidu search 92 Yi Mei or 92 yi Mei net I must be ranked first, in this case, the word has a certain weight, but also will lead to the main words in front. Therefore, we suggest that, if possible, in the choice of the name of the site also more use some heart, and strive to achieve the unique network. The number of keywords is best done within 30 words, if too much, the same will be dispersed weight. (The above part of the content is purely personal understanding, if not, do not shoot brick ha)

Keywords now has little value, search engine just take to refer to, suggest to write some around the main keyword long tail is good. Description of the words suggested in about 80 words, inside to include the title of the keyword.

Summary head, whether the title or description, in favor of the search engine at the same time, do not forget to pay attention to the user experience! Again good optimization, title, description of the garbage and, users do not click is tantamount to waste!

About the Web site framework

Homepage optimization: Search engine read the order of the page is from left to right, from top to bottom, that the page head place what content is very important, here suggest that you put site map, Baidu Sitemap.html and GG Sitemap.xml each one, such words convenient spider crawl all links in the station. Home content because we do each station different, here I do not say, need to pay attention to the layout and density of keywords, falsh, JS and so can use less, because these are spiders can not recognize. Picture remember to add alt attribute. The bottom of the page suggests that you write the anchor text of the keyword, which equals adding an inner chain. Friendship links the same, the first few positions for themselves.

Article Internal optimization: Do the internal link is the key! For example, the content of a article appeared the keyword of article B, then the keyword to do a hyperlink to B article, so that not only conducive to spiders crawling, so that the weight of the pages, the more important is to facilitate the user, increased the viscosity of the website. Article content must be original! Small language is poor, when the teacher said in primary school I write a bad composition, I this level, but also the tough to find some information on the internet and then write their own 10 of the original, so the new station just built when not too troublesome, the early days of hard work, and so on after the station bigger right to heavy, and then lazy also not late!

Update drive: Whether it is home or article page, must have this, such as random articles, related articles, such as the spider every time, will find something different.

URL: The best is htm static, the length of three is better, and then more words spider lazy Climb (I think for the spider, hehe)

Robots.txt: This is best, because the spider to the site before the first read is this file, tell the spider where it is to go, where not to go, the most important is to write Sitemap: Tell the spider Web Station map, the convenience of Spiders better crawl page.

404 page: Web site, there will inevitably be some failure of the link, then set a good 404 this time to benefit the user experience, reduce the bounce rate.

In-station optimization needs to pay attention to these, more site optimization content Everyone can participate in the previous period of Baidu published "Baidu Search Engine Optimization guide."

Third, submit the website and outside the chain

It is very important to suggest that you must make sure that after the website is mature, you will not be able to submit any major changes. When submitting to GG Remember to register an account, using the administrator to submit. XML site map, which is more conducive to the inclusion of GG.

Outside the chain part: Because the beginning of the new station, confiscated, no weight, no resources for you to do friends chain words only on their own. That's what I did. 26th number 4 o'clock in the morning various major search engines submitted, respectively, in A5 and outdated registered account number, personal signature brought on their own web site, respectively issued 20 stickers, Baidu Bar and space left 6 links, and then to the Tianya Forum wrote a piece of original on the bed. Because more concerned about the collection, the morning 8 point up site, found that GG has included the home page, Baidu did not move, but there are 12 chain. Feel good, at least GG within 4 hours included, and then go to sleep. And so the time to pay attention to the site is more than 10 o'clock in the evening, casually read some articles, more than 11 times in A5 and outdated issued some stickers, or 20. Then updated three articles in the website, at this time is already 27th number 3, because just updated the article tired of too many brain cells, to play games for fun, probably at 4 O ' time accidentally site under Baidu, the result has, the snapshot is 26th, hehe.

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