How to lighten the freckles

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With the growth of the senile, due to the situation of pollution, the accumulation of toxins in the body and direct sunlight and other reasons for the impact of the female face will appear or deep or shallow marks, this is a lot of women especially do not like the pleasing to the eye, spots bare the woman's senile, also will affect understand AH itself appearance. The clear and flawless face is what every woman aspires to.

refused to violent sunlight: The fierce sunlight, will make the skin of the dark pigment show, in the skin appearance to form a stain, in order to be sure to carefully stop the direct exposure of violent sunlight, inflammation days out, out of the sunscreen, and the other with a sunscreen umbrella or sunscreen cap, will itself skin wrapped tightly.

do not eat will increase the skin pigment food: like soy sauce, and so on, in the time to add to the appropriate amount of food, too much soy will increase the amount of pigment in the skin, increase the growth of spots growth probability.

More edible Light spots whitening fruit: like lemon, apples, carrots, etc., other pure milk freckle results are also better than the strength, can be properly increased intake, no matter how, natural whitening is better than medical skills.

master the same common freckle small secret: in the same ordinary survival, there are many food products have freckle spots of the fruits, like carrot juice, take the morning and evening face, you can dilute the face color spots, and the other gourd cane wash face also has a whitening effect of light spots, it is OK to try, the results are good.

White Vinegar Glycerin method: with white vinegar into the appropriate amount of atractylodes (Chinese herbal medicine, in the ordinary pharmacies can buy. ) Blend, seal soak for one weeks. After washing your face every day, wipe the surface of the minister's spot, the spots will gradually fade, dissipate.

Laser freckle: There are many on the market Geju on the laser freckle first, if the freckle impatient people do not have to try, should be more than the above essentials faster.

Meridian Massage Freckle: The formation of color spots is important is the blood circulation process in the body can not secrete toxins exposed to the skin of the evaluation, in order to be able to taste meridian Massage Essentials, and the small folk remedies to the spot to manipulate the simple, in the home and office can be held, not necessarily with any freckle products, You don't have to try it in your spare time.

How to lighten the freckles

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