How to limit the speed of thunder upload

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In this article, let's look at how to set the Thunder Limit upload speed Method!

The Thunderbolt 7.1.5 release is really not easy. During the first experience, the friends who participated in the experience gave a lot of feedback on stability issues. Developers also work overtime over the weekend to solve these problems. and released 2 revisions, Thunderbolt 7.1.5 through the 2 revision of the test

1, custom speed limit: You can customize the speed limit mode, manually select the current speed of the Thunder occupied bandwidth, speed is limited, there will be free bandwidth to provide other programs to use.

Into the Thunderbolt Customer Service Terminal Configuration Center (alt+o)-Basic settings-mode settings-Select a custom speed limit mode;

Thunderbolt Customer service end of the lower left corner also has a quick set the function button.

In addition, more settings, smart Internet mode, there is a custom whitelist settings, through the detection of online games, video, browser whitelist, for your smart and reasonable allocation of bandwidth use, so that play online games, watch video, Internet more smooth effect. You can also add yourself as a whitelist. (Programs that already exist cannot be deleted).

Thunderbolt is the software download, the Thunder itself does not support uploading resources, it is just a download and upload the tool software. Thunderbolt's resources depend on the number of resources to have the site, at the same time need to have any one Thunderbolt users to download the relevant resources, Thunderbolt can be recorded.

Thunderbolt using the multi-resource Hyper-Threading technology based on the grid principle, the network can exist on the server and computer resources for effective integration, constitute a unique Thunderbolt network, through the Thunder network of various data files can be transmitted to the fastest speed.

Multi-resource Hyper-Threading technology also has the Internet Download load balancing function, without reducing the user experience, the Thunder network can balance the server resources, effectively reducing the server load.

Registration and the Thunderbolt ID landing can enjoy faster download speed; the more you download, the more points you have, the higher the level, the more free download resources.

2, Smart Internet: Smart Internet mode, for your smart and reasonable allocation of bandwidth use, so that playing online games, watching video, Internet more smooth effect.

Into the Thunderbolt Customer Service Terminal Configuration Center (alt+o)-Basic settings-mode settings-Select the smart Internet mode;

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