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In this era of the internet there are more and more people want to invest in the network of Gold Rush, do the site is no doubt a lot of personal webmaster preferred. But today's era, success is not easy, if the site does not have a good positioning, not a good operation strategy is basically difficult to survive on the Internet.

The issues discussed today are two points:

One. Individual stationmaster is suitable to do what type of website.

Two. Personal webmaster What kind of website must not do.

Well, the title is very big, and I'll analyze it from my own experience. Who am I? I'm a "WANs". From 2008 into the Internet circle, large and small sites have done no fewer than 10, including many very creative very competitive website. But if you want to ask me to do the most successful website is what, I can only say "hehe" ...

No chatter, get to the point.

One, the individual stationmaster is suitable to do what type of website.

This problem should be a lot of novice webmaster friends Most concerned about the problem, often a lot of novice friends in the site will be confused before. "What kind of site do you have a future?" "How to make money?" "Can you compete with your opponents?" "Is the law allowed?" "..., and so on. The advice to everyone is the following 1, 2, 3, 4 、...... Point, hope to be helpful to everybody. You can't bite me, of course, without help. )

1. Interest. No profit is not profitable, money does not make money, personal webmaster do the site first consider is whether interested in this.

Starting from 08 to do the first website, is a learning exchange form of the forum, providing a variety of learning materials and curriculum analysis. (It has been closed for other reasons.) When doing this site did not think too much, feel can help some people, and then I love to learn this. So at that time did not think too much, do it. Within a day to fix the domain name, host, program, the next day the site on the line ... Since then entered the personal stationmaster of this Yang (BU) guan (GUI) big (zhi) road (LU). So interest is very important, do a website related to their own interests, even if not profitable, it does not matter, it will bring you spiritual satisfaction.

2. Technical website. If you are "moving bricks" then build a site to move bricks, if you are "fishing" then to build a fishing site.

Choose the direction of website construction from the line you are engaged in, cough ... Moving bricks is just a metaphor, huh? If you are a senior brick-and-mortar worker who has moved bricks for 5 years, you should know more about your work. such as how to move more labor, how to move faster ... Sort of. You can share this kind of technology through the Web site, while allowing more people in the same industry to share technical experience. For the new entrants will undoubtedly help a lot, but also to enhance your influence in this industry, as the No.1 of the brick world ... (Of course, I didn't move bricks, and it didn't mean anything to anyone.) )

3. Small and Beautiful website. If you can't make everyone happy, then let that small group be happy.

Personal webmaster due to limited time and energy, perhaps many friends are working at the same time to take into account the site. Then please do not go to search for what all-inclusive website, such as news network, community dating network such as the best not to touch. We have a good service that part of the people, see SEO actual password should all know. "A person in the United States webmaster did a website dedicated to sell Mercedes-Benz logo, a year down 1 million." "Small and beautiful is the precision of positioning." (Of course not as small as only a few people ha, specific reference search index.) )

4. Innovative website. One of your occasional ideas may light up the world.

We never lack of inspiration, from an innovative point of view to decide what kind of site will have unexpected effects. Many things originally did not, such as "public network." The public network is also the rise of these two years, the previous few years have heard it? No, a new and innovative website always attracts everyone's attention. If you have a good idea, you might as well make it into reality through the Internet.

5. Web sites that are helpful to users. You came to see and helped you, I am very happy.

In the era of more and more attention to the user experience, can be the simplest and direct to help users solve the problem is undoubtedly very good. Users need online shopping, Taobao Beijing east. Users need to save money online, return to the net, return network. Users need phone voice intercom, micro-letter came. Users need to participate in micro-letter red envelopes, Micro red envelopes came. (Small advertisement for a moment, haha.) In short, the station before the establishment of the user's perspective to think. What do they need to build this site to help them?

6. Refer to other websites to do the station. You can't tell me to imitate you, I will imitate you, first I have to try first.

Sometimes personal webmaster do not have very good inspiration, also do not know what users need, not interested in their own interests, and will not "move bricks" and will not "fishing". Then take a look at the other websites and see how they are a model. And then ask yourself in the heart, if I do such a type of site I will do better? If so, then start acting. (note here, you must not copy the original site.) Should learn from each other, look for differences, avoid direct competition. If you think you're going to be successful in running your own website, you're wrong. The specific reason does not analyze, you understand! )

7. Flow station. -Flow is not the end of omnipotent, but no flow is absolutely not.

The internet has spread a myth, as long as a website traffic to the force, hanging ads sleep all make money. Is this true, cough ...? The fact is that if your website is big enough, it's possible to lay down and make money. (A friend of mine, in 2010 time by collecting search to ask, website traffic once exploded table, now several sets of houses, I will cheat you.) But later due to the search engine algorithm upgrades, the site has been closed. But when it comes to exactly what kind of traffic station? My advice is never to do a waste flow station. What is the purpose of our website? Not how much, nor how much to make money, is to provide useful help to the user. And do not say now refuse flow station can do, even if the luck to do it, will be despised by everyone. About if do flow station, I also have several cases in this respect, do not post out. There are a lot of resources on the Internet that are interesting to study.

8. A promising website. The future is bright and the road is not necessarily tortuous.

"Promising Website", this is not nonsense, want to do a promising site. But here said "promising" is to keep up with the development of society, even if the later social changes and technological advances will not be eliminated from the site. This topic does not speak too deeply, the discussion ~. Everybody open up the hole in the brain ...

Other--other, and nothing else.

In fact, suitable for personal webmaster do have a lot of sites, invisible gray areas are doing "novel station", Someone is doing "film station", there are people doing "game station." According to their own situation to choose to do the type of station, will never be wrong. But also must pay attention to some websites we must not do, this said to the second topic "Individual stationmaster what kind of website must not do." ”

Two. Personal webmaster, what kind of site must not do.

1. Spam site-If you give it the position is rubbish, even if 10 years later it still, still is a pile of rubbish.

Or that sentence why we want to do the site, is to provide users with the need to help. If you start to site positioning is a "garbage station", then do not think about the future, ten years later it still beginner's mind unchanged, what is the significance of it. And in practical terms, Baidu in the new search engine white paper has mentioned that the most core ranking rule is "Quality authoritative content" has the priority right. Other search engines should also have this algorithm to the extreme, the Internet "spam content" is a great chance of being filtered out.

2. Illegal website--------never done anything illegal in your life, until one day I did a website.

Illegal website must not do, this does not explain. I know, and you know it.

3. Grey website--You say I'm gray and I'm gray.

When it comes to the grey industry, there are a lot of websites, and the gray industry is on the verge of law. A little attention, no more.

It's a lot of writing, but it's just a part of what you want to say. Writing this article is also hoping to see a friend to help, this is my second article of submission, the first article is "an online 14 days of the new site how to achieve daily traffic breakthrough 100ip." Because usually less time to write things, writing also fell a lot. That recently in, the operation of "micro red Envelopes", also hope that everyone in the reprint may leave the article link. wans.2015.9.6

Source: WANs Submission

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